It's like we're 17 again.

lets just say its a flash from the past for one of the boys... and how will he react when he is confrunted by it? read on to find out....


12. Chapter 11

Everyone inside screamed in terror and I could feel Harry wrap his arms around me protectively. "Everyone get down!" someone screamed. Harry pulled me into his lap as he sat on the floor. The building continued shaking and things started to fall off the walls and the lights were coming loose. "Harry what's going on?!" I cried into his chest and he embraced me. "Probably an earthquake" he whispered trying to act calm. The shaking didn't stop. The building rocked back and forth as things fell and I heard more screams. It was pitch black and I couldn't see anything. The windows had shades covering them so no light could get in. Tears streamed down my cheeks as the building kept shaking. "Harry whats going on?" I cried. "Shh it's ok" he tried to calm me down. "Watch out!" someone screamed in our direction right before I felt pain. So much pain. I felt like I had been crushed flat against the ground. Against Harry. My whole body started burning immediately and I screamed as loud as I could. My head was throbbing and my bones were crushed. I couldn't move a muscle. Something was on top of me. What? The building? Am I crushed? No. I'm still awake. I can still feel this pain. The pain running through my veins making me want to die right here, right now, just so the pain will STOP. It won't. I tried to cry but no tears came out. I tried to breathe but no air entered my lungs. I tried to call for Harry but he wasn't there.
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