It's like we're 17 again.

lets just say its a flash from the past for one of the boys... and how will he react when he is confrunted by it? read on to find out....


11. Chapter 10

*5 Months Later* Harry and I have been dating for five months now. Everything is perfect with him. He's not like other guys. I can actually talk to him and he'll listen to me. He's there for me when I need someone. If anything is wrong, he'll wrap his arms around me make me smile. We've become very close. He tells me everything and I tell him everything. We walk to history together every morning hand in hand. When I'm close to him I feel safe. He acts like he would protect me with all his life. After history I go to calculus and things are still awkcotaco with Louis. Classes change this week though, so I'm hoping to get away from him. We don't all. Louis got back together with Eleanor about two months ago and they seem happy but there's always something off about Louis. He doesn't act like he should in a relationship. Do I care though? No. It's his love life not mine. I have Harry to worry about. Well not worry because he acts like my knight in shining armor. He even gave me a cute nickname, Sparky. Short for Sparkies (my last name) Meghan and Niall started going out too. They seem pretty happy together so we leave them be.
"Come over soon!" Harry called into his phone and I smiled to myself. "Miss me?" I teased him. "Just come so I can see what classes you got" He said quickly. "Ok I'll be right there" I said happily and grabbed my bag and my cell, then walked out the door of my dorm. We got the note telling us which classes we have this semester. Harry is very anxious to see if we're in any classes together. I approached his apartment but didn't bother to knock, and just walked in closing the sort behind me. I tip-toed into the living room and saw Harry sitting on the couch watching TV. He didn't notice when I walked in so I decided to run over and jump right on top of him. "Ow" he complained and I just laughed at him then kissed his cheek. "I don't weigh that much" I said sarcastically and rolled off of him into the empty spot next to him on the couch. He wrapped his arm around me and I smiled to myself. "So did you bring the note?" he asked. "No I just came over here to pounce on you" I said sarcastically and grabbed my bag. I took out the envelope containing my new schedule and opened it quickly, as Harry opened his. "First class?" I asked him. "Science, you?" "Same!" I cheered and he smiled at me. "Second?" he asked. "Computer tech, you?" he smiled at me. "Same" he said grinning. "And your final class?" I questioned. "Literature and Writing" he said happily. "Same!" I cheered and jumped up pulling him with me.
"Lets celebrate! Starbucks time! Let's go" I cheered and picked up my bag, then dragged him out the door. We walked hand in hand down the sidewalk towards our favorite place in the world. "So guess what's coming up?" I said happily. "Uh...five months of having the best girlfriend in the world?" he joked. "No five months of having the best boyfriend in the world AND..." I waited for him to finish. "What else?" he asked. "Your 19th birthday silly!" I said happily. "Yeah... But your still two years older then me.." he mumbled. "Age is just a number" I said. "and maturity is a choice" he finished. "It's a good thing I'm not mature at all" I pointed out and he chuckled. We walked into Starbucks and got our coffee then went to sit down. It was a saturday so we didn't need to rush back to classes. We talked and talked for hours before I heard something outside.and inside. The whole building started shaking and soon enough the lights went out. People inside the cafe screamed and I heard another crashing noise. This wasn't outside though.
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