It's like we're 17 again.

lets just say its a flash from the past for one of the boys... and how will he react when he is confrunted by it? read on to find out....


2. Chapter 1

I woke up early Monday morning ready for University. Thankfully Meghan and I are staying in the same dorm room, she being my best friend and the only girl that likes me, and I being the only girl that likes her. No we aren't rejects, we aren't outsiders, we're popular. Sometimes too popular and all the girls hate us for that. Do we care? Not at all. We may be a little flirty with all the guys- scratch that. We're a lot flirty with all the guys here. Meghan says I have this special power to tell if a guys hot by the back of their heads. I guess that's true. I see guys walking and I know when I should run up to them and start a conversation. I've talked to practically every guy from last year and I'm ready for the new ones. Everyone has my number, which isn't exactly a good thing. Prank calls by the girls who think they annoy me, yet I just laugh at them, and too many guys texting me at once. People are saying that there are five new guys who are extremely hot and are in One Direction. First of all, I want to make it clear that I have no idea what the heck One Direction is and do I want to find out? Not really. Things like that aren't important to me. The only thing that's important is living while we're young, having a good time, and being with friends.
It took me about two hours to take a shower and perfect my makeup. I wore ripped denim shorts and a floral tank. My light brown hair fell over my shoulders, stick straight. I never curl my hair, that would be another half an hour getting ready. After putting on my jewelry, I looked over to find Meghan about to fall asleep again on the small couch. She was ready to leave, in a short dress, her hair and make-up done. "Meghan!" I screamed and she jumped up. "What?! Can't you see I'm tired!?" she yelled at me. I pointed to the clock indicating that we should head to first period and she got up quickly grabbing her bag. As we walked along side the buildings, people crowded everywhere rushing to get to class. Not Meghan and I though. Late? Whatever. It's not like they would kick us out for something silly like that. "So I can't wait to meet the new guys" Meghan said excited. "I don't think anyone can wait" I laughed and looked around hoping to see one. "Hmm... I wonder if we'll have class with them!" she said happily. Her hopes were too high though. So many people at this place I'm surprised Meghan and I have classes together. "Well who do I see up there?" I joked grinning at Meghan as I spotted two unfamiliar boys walking ahead of us. "Dibs on the blond!" Meghan called out a little too loud causing people to look over. She rolled her eyes at them and just laughed. "What are we waiting for? Let's go meet them!" she called out and we quickly ran up to the boys. Meghan on one side and me ok the other we started walking with them. "I'm Caroline" I said smiling and looked over at the brown haired boy. He had gorgeous green eyes that sparkled and his dimples showed as he smiled at me. "I'm Harry and that's Niall" he said grinning. "I'm Meghan" Meghan said from Niall's side and started walking closer to him. "So what classes do you two have?" I asked happily. "History with Mr. Hennings is first for me" Harry said and I smiled to myself. "Same" I mumbled and looked back towards the buildings. It was a long walk to where we were headed.
"So you guys are new?" Meghan asked trying to start conversation. "Yeah..." Niall said like it was obvious. "We'll only be here for a year though. It's for our band--" Niall was cut off by Harry hitting his arm. "Shut... it..." he said like they were hiding something. "Secrets already? Well..." I joked and Harry chuckled. "Have you heard about anyone else in History with us?" I asked Harry and he smiled nodding. "Yeah My friend Louis is already there. He wanted to see his girlfriend Eleanor" my heart stopped. I hadn't head Louis' name since he left for X-Factor. I'm sure this guy is probably nothing like the Louis I knew though. But Louis is the guy Eleanor has been talking about... Eleanor would have to be one of my biggest enemies. We hated each other for the stupidest reasons. She bragged about her boyfriend and how she could keep a relationship going. I just hang out with guys to get to know them. But once I do get to know them I realize what a mistake talking to them was. I haven't had a real boyfriend since Louis and Conor and I still miss them. Both yes. "Mhmm... He's the one who dates Eleanor? Mhmm...." I joked and Meghan laughed knowing exactly how much I hated her. Now she is going to rub having her boyfriend with her in my face and make fun of me like she always does. "You know her?" Niall asked surprised. "Oh yeah... But I wish I didn't. We don't exactly... get along" I mumbled and Harry chuckled. "That's ok. You can get along with us" he said grinning. My cheeks flushed red and I bit my lip smiling at the ground. "So why are you guys starting in the middle of the semester then leaving at the end of the year?" Meghan asked. "It's confusing... I don't think we can tell anyone--" Harry cut him off again hitting his arm. "Well you guys have a lot of secrets don't you" I joked as a girl ran up to Harry and Niall. "Can I get a picture!?" she asked excited.
Why would she want a picture with these guys? They are hot, but that's kind of creepy. "Sure thing love" Harry said smiling and they stopped walking. I looked over at Meghan confused and she raised her eye-brows indicating she also had no idea what was going on. We watched as the girl got a picture with them and she started hyperventilating. "Crazy little girls..." I whispered to Meghan and she laughed a bit. When the boys walked back over to us I looked at Harry. "So uh... Does that happen a lot?" I asked. "Uh..." Niall began but Harry once again slapped his arm. "Ok so I'm guessing you guys have more secrets then we thought" Meghan laughed and they looked down embarrassed. "You'll find out soon enough... Probably..." Harry said and we all started walking again. "What? We'll find out you guys are so hot that random girls want pictures with you?" I joked and they both chuckled. "Not exactly" Niall said and we walked into a building. We walked down the hallways, up the stairs, and past all the classrooms making small talk and getting to know each other yet it seemed like they were hiding something. As we walked into the class, our teacher wasn't there yet but I saw Eleanor right away. There was a guy sitting in front of her turned around facing her as they talked. She looked up as I walked in and glared at me. I rolled my eyes and though of what I could do to annoy her. Walking over to her and her boyfriend, I suppose, I sat down next to him and turned around to join their conversation. "Eleanor. Great to see you!" I sarcastically sneered at her and then continued, "Who's your frie-" I stopped mid word as I looked at the boy. Louis.
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