Falling Hard

Payton is your normal 17 year old girl. She likes watching movies and is stuck to twitter. She loves one direction. but what will happen whn she happens to meet a certain blonde irish man while in the street? Find out in 'Falling Hard'.


4. Mine.

 (three months later) Liam's P.O.V:

Ni: Love ya pey

Pey: right back at ya

The were so cute! I smiled whilst putting Niall's phone down.


Peyton's POV: I woke with my head on Niall's bare chest. 

I snuggled into Nialls mop of gorgeous brown-blonde hair. I love this boy too much and did I mention we were 'together' as everyone says. I have had the usual stuff on twitter: LOADS of followers, questions and hate. Don't get me wrong but Niall, Lou and Harry were saying things like 'don't worry' and 'so sorry' but my inspiring tweet was this: Hi guys keep hating i don't care! Haters are motivators!


Niall's POV:

She's strong, talented, beautiful, smart, funny and eats like a total PIG! THATS MAH KINDUH GURL!!!

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