Falling Hard

Payton is your normal 17 year old girl. She likes watching movies and is stuck to twitter. She loves one direction. but what will happen whn she happens to meet a certain blonde irish man while in the street? Find out in 'Falling Hard'.


6. I think I'm....... IN LOVE!

Harry's POV: I am starting to get feelings for Leah. She is beautiful, funny, smart, artistic, the list can go on but i don't want to watse the whole of your life explaining her to you. I knocked on the door of Niall and Peyton's room. I saw Peyton standing there in a cropped tee saying 'I <3 NIALL' in block lettering, and shredded shorts with studs on the pockets. That's wen I noticed it. 'It' being Leah. wait, is it just me or is she staring at me the way Niall stares at food? Nope not just me, she is!

"Can i help you?" Peyton said.

"Umm....Yeah uh I think," I stuttered. Good one Styles, really good goin'! "Can we talk?"

"yeah sure! Leah scoot! FO THE LOVE OF FUDGE LEAH GET OUT!!!!"

"Oh, sorry. Hi Haaaarreh!!" she said shooting a wink in my direction. Someone get me some water!

"Niall, move yo lazy Irish ass!"

I LOVE YOU TOO!" He screamed, sarcastically.

"Now THEY'RE out of the way what was it you wanted to talk about?" she said swinging herself to face me on th bed.

"nothing," i said getting up to leave. I wonder where leah is?


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