Falling Hard

Payton is your normal 17 year old girl. She likes watching movies and is stuck to twitter. She loves one direction. but what will happen whn she happens to meet a certain blonde irish man while in the street? Find out in 'Falling Hard'.


2. Get Off Me!

Peyton's P.O.V:      I got past Harry, Louis, Liam and I was now with Zayn. "Hi Zayn" I said nervously and I moved to Niall. "Hey love what's your name?" Niall asked me in his thick irish accent. "Hi Niall, I'm Peyton." I said as he smiled uncontrollably. "What are you smiling at?" I asked. "You." he said. I felt a blush run up my cheeks. "Umm... thanks, I think?" we giggled. I leant in for a hug as he slipped me a note. I put the note in my pocket and joined Leah, Hannah, Melissa and Sophie. We stopped for a minute and I pulled out the paper Niall had give me. I stared at the paper as Melissa snatched it off me "Ooooo Peyton's got Niall's number!" Melissa cried as a crowd of girls ran and jumped on me. "HELP!!!!!" I cried as the boys ran up to us and helped us out of the crowd of screaming girls. "Come on off them!" Harry screamed as he got mobbed by half the girls in the crowd which was around twelve of them. "Thanks." I said to Liam. "No probs. It's not like it hasn't happened before!" Liam laughed. "I think we should help Harry!" I said as the boys and the girls ran to help him from under the cowd of fans.


Niall's P.O.V:      I like Peyton. She is funny, sweet, beautiful. Plain Perfection. I gave her my number but when a friend of hers said it out loud it caused the rest of the queue to pounce on her. I ran to help and the rest of the boys followed then they pounced on Harry. Oh God. We ran to help him but Peyton and Liam gt there before the rest of us.


Melissa's P.O.V:    I felt my phone ring in my pocket. I lifted it and heard my mum saying she is waiting fo us outside the mall. "Guys we have to go my mum's outside." I said to them. "Ok see you boys!" Sophie said. flicking her long, wavy, ginger hair over her shoulders.

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