Falling Hard

Payton is your normal 17 year old girl. She likes watching movies and is stuck to twitter. She loves one direction. but what will happen whn she happens to meet a certain blonde irish man while in the street? Find out in 'Falling Hard'.


7. Arrangements

Leah's POV:  I want to tell Harry how I feel about him, but I know he won't feel the same way.


Harry's POV: I want to tell Leah how I feel about her, but I know she won't feel the same way.


(A/N: remember the other three girls at the start? Well, they'll soon come into the story starting NOW)

Hannah's POV: I really miss the boys since we last saw them at the signing, so I think I might text Louis for the other guys nos.

As I picked up my phone it started to blare out Marroon 5 "I'M AT A PAYPHONE TRYING TO CALL HOME, ALL OF MY CHANGE I SPE-"

"Hey." I said into the phone.

"Hi, Hannah, it's Louis." he said in the beautiful accent of his.

"Oh, Hey Boo Bear! What ya up to?"

"I was wondering if you want to meet up with me, Liam and Zayn?"

"Yeah I'd love to! Can I bring Sophie and Melissa? You know about their crushes."

"Here, I'll ask,"

Louis' POV:

"Here, I'll ask," I said to Hannah, running to Liam and Zayn's room

"Hey, Hannah asked can Sophie and Melissa come along, you want them to?"

"YES!" they said in unison.

"OK!" Hannah practically squealed, shoot I forgot it was on speaker.


Hey cupcakes!

I've decided not to include dani, el or perrie in the fanfic, just to make it a bit better. I mean I love them but i just dunno. I want to have a big DRAMATIC scene somewhere so comment about that and i still need a co-author so YAH






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