Falling Hard

Payton is your normal 17 year old girl. She likes watching movies and is stuck to twitter. She loves one direction. but what will happen whn she happens to meet a certain blonde irish man while in the street? Find out in 'Falling Hard'.


1. The signing.

Peyton's POV: We were going to a one direction CD signing. Me and my best friends Sophie, Hannah, Melissa and Leah were in the queue somewhere around the middle, and after around 45 minutes we were second to first. I felt a nudge from beside me and turned round to see a nervous Leah. we were given a reassuring nod so Leah walked to the first in the queue of five boys which was Harry. Leah walked up to Harry and I could see her getting a bit tense we all knew about her huge crush on Harry and hell was it a big one. so then she moved on to the next and it was Louis. So Hannah moved on up and squeezed the paper she was holding she walked up to Harry "hey babe!" Harry said to Hannah. all we heard was a small 'hi'. she handed Harry the sketch she had in her hand and he looked down at the drawing "Thanks, umm," "Hannah, and your welcome i swear it took about two weeks to finish." she said, giggling under her breath. Harry nudged Louis and he looked away from the paper he was signing "thank you love!" Louis said

Next Leah moved to Liam, Hannah moved to Louis and Melissa moved to Harry. 

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