Fighting to be Loved

A 18 year old high-class girl, Lottie Richmond, finds the man of her dreams in a tall, fair-haired Alpha werewolf named Scott Hartley. Then, she finds a second man of her dreams in a well built, dark haired werewolf called Tyler Anderson. Tyler and Scott are Alphas of two enemy wolf-packs and were bred to hate each-other. Lottie now faces a tough decision, to choose her love for Scott or Tyler. But will she want either of them when she finds out that they are werewolves?


1. Intimidation

Holding my books tight to my chest, I speedily walked down the unfamiliar hallways, determined to get to my first class. I didn’t dare look at anyone, or cross anyone’s path. New college meant new profile and I wanted to keep my profile low, until I finished school. However, keeping a low profile when you have bright cherry red hair and sparkling emerald eyes is hard. None the less, I tried my best, keeping my head down and eyes glued to the floor.

Suddenly, I bumped in to something so hard that I dropped my books and began rubbing my head to sooth the pain. Great Lottie Richmond, you bumped into a wall; I thought to myself. I bet there were people just watching me make a fool out of myself now. I opened up my squinted eyes to see the wall I was about to curse at, but came to a big surprise.

Right in front of me was not a wall, but a person. A fine looking handsome guy, if I say so myself. I had to tilt my head back a bit to get a better look at his face. He had blondish hazel hair, that looked like nothing had been done to it, but it still looked so perfect. His deep, sea blue, lustful eyes held my gaze. It’s like I was hypnotised by him.

Suddenly my heart started beating faster, at the realisation of the situation I was in. I quickly broke my gaze and bent down to gather up my books. “S-sorry.” I apologised to the guy in front of me, still not looking up at him. I half expected him to say something, but not a word left his mouth. Great, there is already one person who hates me and I haven’t even got to my first class yet. Oh, how joyous will this day be?

Once I had all my books back in my hands, I held them up to my chest again. I kept my eyes down, not wanting to stare into his hypnotic eyes again. Why was he still here, in front of me? I decided to explain why I was sorry; maybe it will eventually make him go away. “S-sorry, I-I, wasn’t l-looking where I w-was going, s-so…” I stuttered. Why was a stuttering in front of him?

My sentence was stopped midway when he took a step towards me, causing me to step back. Abruptly, I felt my back hit something hard. Oh, so now it has to be the wall? There was this guy that wasn’t even an inch away from me and I was here trapped against him and the wall. Can life get any worse for me?

“You’re mine!” He growled lowly. Well, that answered my question. What he said, or rather growled, caught me off guard. I looked up towards him; his sea blue eyes had turned darker, filled with lust more than anything else. Oh no.

His face started to come closer to mine. I tried pushing myself further into the wall hoping it would swallow me, but no. My heart was racing like crazy, as we were nose to nose. His very scent was most intoxicating; it lured me in. Slowly my eyes landed on his lips. Those, juicy plush lips I could kiss at any moment in time. No, Lottie. You must maintain yourself, I thought.

I turned my head to the side so I wasn’t facing him. To my surprise no one was there. No one. The hallways were empty. I mentally slapped myself. Well done Lottie, first day of school and you’re already late to your first class. I closed my eyes and sighed, but was quickly made aware of my situation by a warm hand cupping my cheek. Making me face him.

His simplest touch sent a million electric sparks around my body. My body felt so limp and helpless right now. What was he doing to me? Soon the thumb of his hand ran along the bottom of my lip, causing me to stop biting my lip. I didn’t even know I was biting my lip. I closed my eyes, hoping he would leave me alone, taking all these weird feelings with him. Why aren’t you fighting against him, Lottie? I asked myself.

I didn’t have time to answer my own question. Instead I felt his warm breath tingling on my neck. I know how close he must have gotten now. “You’re mine.” He whispered in my ear. What kind of a person goes up to a stranger and says that? He didn’t even know me. However I kept my eyes closed and gulped down the strange feeling. I could sense that he was so close he could possibly bite me.

Suddenly I heard massive thud against something metal. My eyes shot open and there was the guy with blond hair pushed up against the locker by another guy. Fuck my life. The other guy that held the blond guy by his shirt wasn’t far off perfect.

He had tanned skin, with ruffed up dark brown hair. He was about as tall as the other guy and well-built too. Oh stop it Lottie, I said to myself. There is a fight threatening to break open and you’re here checking them out? I mentally slapped myself, again. Suddenly I heard another thud, and I was torn out of my daydream.

This time the blond guy had the dark haired guy pushed up against the lockers, holding him up by the collar of his polo shirt. Damn. Now I could see the face of the dark haired guy. He has a chiselled chin, with fine cheek bones. His lips looked so soft and plush, that I just wanted to press my own against them. Stop it Lottie, I warned myself. Then my eyes reached his.

His beautiful grey eyes. They weren’t bright grey; they were more like the colour had been sucked out of them. Mesmerising none the less. I almost stopped breathing and my mouth hung slightly open, when his gaze caught my eyes. Suddenly, his eyes began to grow darker and that same lustful look had appeared once again. Oh no.

The two guys started fighting rough and all I heard were shuffles and growls. What the hell was going on? Weren’t there any teachers here? I stood there for a moment deciding on what to do. I had two options: the first was to go back to class and pretend nothing ever happened; the second was to attempt to stop the fight going on.

After a moment of negotiating with myself; I ending up going for the latter. I was going to try and stop those two from fighting. How I was going to do it, I didn’t know. I’m sure something will pop into my mind. 

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