I can't trust you

read to find out what its about.... im giving nothing away! im not that type of person. hehe


8. chapter 7

I woke up the next day to my alarm beeping at 6:30. I got out of bed and walked into the kitchen to find Megan already sitting at the counter. "Where's Je-" I started then remembered we fired her... "Nice Claire..." Megan laughed and got back to eating a bowel of cereal. "Oh and the Hollister shop just called. We're going there today just to stand in the store. I don't know what the point of it is but we stand there..." Megan laughed and started eating again. "Ok I'm going to take a shower" I said and walked back to my room. After showering and puting on a cute outfit it was 8:00. "Ready Megan?" I called out grabbing my phone and wallet. She came out of her room dressed up in her favorite Hollister tank and skinny jeans. "Ready! See we can do this job on our own" she smiled and we walked to the door. I looked to the side of our flat and saw Harry sitting on the ground leaning up against the building. "Ugh... Let's just leave him Claire" Megan groaned and walked over to my car. I just stared at Harry though. His hair was wet and pressed against his forehead, his cloths were dark from water. Had it rained last night? His head was resting on his knees as he slept there, shaking from the cold air. "Come on Claire!" Megan called out. I walked over to Harry slowly and looked at him. He looked pitiful sitting there. I squat down next to him and put my hand on his shoulder, causing him to open his eyes quickly and look up at me. "Harry... Are you ok?" I asked quietly. He shook his head and I helped him up. "You need to get home Harry..." I said and walked to my car.

"What was that? Why would you even talk to him?" Megan asked as we pulled out and headed for Hollister. "I felt bad for him..." I mumbled. "You shouldn't after what he did to you" she said and we rode the rest of the way in silence. When we arrived, we got out and walked in to find three guys standing inside. They gave us a smile and one of them smirked at me. Kind of creepy smirk so I walked past him quickly. "Our boss is in that room right there" one of the cute guys pointed towards the back room and winked at me. I felt my cheeks go red as I followed Megan to the back. She opened the door slowly and we walked in. "Hi girls! There are some cloths right there" a nice lady said in a peppy voice, pointing towards a rack of cloths. "Change every two hours and try to get other girls to buy this all" she said and Megan and I walked over to the racks. I pulled out a cute dress with a navy blue top and flowery bottom. It has a sweetheart top and two small straps to hold it up. I picked up some navy blue flats and walked into the room Megan and I could keep our stuff for the day. I changed quickly and brushed my hair so it looked perfect. When I walked out Megan went in to change. Walking over to the cute guy from earlier, he smiled at me. "Hey, so I'm guessing your Claire?" he said with a smirk on his face. I blushed and shook my head up and down. "I'm Will" he said smiling and I shook his hand. We talked for about two hours and then I went to change again. This time I wore short jean shorts with a white lace tank and silver flip flops. When I walked out I went straight back over to Will. I leaned up against the counter while he put his hand by my side and leaned in to look into my eyes. I smiled at him and fluttered my eyelashes.

Harry POV • When I left my house, finally dry again, I headed to Hollister because I needed to get Gemma something for her birthday. When I walked in I immediately saw Claire talking to some guy. With every word he leaned in closer to her so his lips were right above hers. I walked over closer and stood behind a rack of cloths. I could hear everything they said. "So do you have a boyfriend Claire" the guy said and once again leaned in closer. "Uh... No..." she mumbled. God I wish I was her boyfriend again. "Good" the guy said and started leaning in but didn't stop. His lips were about to touch Claire's when she rested her hand on his chest stopped him from getting any closer. "Uh.. I'm sorry... I can't kiss you" she said slowly and he leaned back. "What do you mean? You don't have a boyfriend" he said sounding frustrated. "Yeah... That doesn't mean I'm going to kiss you..." she said and walked away from him, right past me without noticing. Gosh I wanted to teach that guy a lesson. Nobody kisses Claire but me. I love her and I don't want some other guy crushing his lips on hers but me. I don't care if it's selfish but I love her. I looked up at the boy and he walked over to me. "Uh... You look like you can get a girl right? How could I get her?" he asked me like Claire was some sort of possession. Like some sort of prize. I glared at him and he gave me a questioning look. "She doesn't really date guys..." I mumbled and looked down. "What she dates girls?" he asked laughing. "No she doesn't date anyone..." I said quietly. "How would you know that?" he asked annoyed. "I just do ok" I said and turned around to find Claire's friend looking straight at me. "Harry get out of here" she said walking over. "Get out Harry!" she yelled at me and Claire came running over. "Why are you here?" she sounded upset. "Leave Harry..." she said pointing towards the door. I walked out slowly.

Claire's POV • When Harry left I ran out the back door into the ally besides the store. I sat down and started crying. Why would Harry be here? Was he completely stalking me?!? I heard the door open and I wiped away the tears standing up quickly at the sight of Will walking over to me. "You ok Claire?" he asked getting closer and closer to me. "Yeah... I just--" I started but he cut me off leaning in crushing his lips on mine. I pushed him away and my jaw dropped. "Will! What the heck are you doing!" I screamed at him and he chuckled with a smirk on his face. He walked closer to me, grabbing my hips tightly, and I backed up into the wall. "Will Get away from me!" I called out but he didn't stop. He tightened his grip on my hips and started kissing me again. I tried kicking him to make him back up but it was no use. He pushed me up against the wall and crushed his body on mine. His hands started sliding up my shirt and he leaned back. "Will stop! Someone!!! Help!!" I screamed. "You don't want to do that sweetie" he chuckled and his fingers dug into my skin, causing me to scream in pain. His hands then kept traveling up my shirt. "Help!!! Will get away from me!!" I screamed but he stopped me by crushing his lips on mine again. I could feel him laughing against my lips as I tried to push him away. I kicked his legs and he just groaned. He moved his hands up towards my bra and I pushed him back as hard as I could. "Stop fighting it babe" he whispered into my mouth and I pushed him again. "Don't fight. I'll go even further" he says with a smirk on his face. "Help!!!" I screamed as loud as I could but leaned in kissing me again. He pushed his body against mine as hard as he could and I groaned in pain. He kicked my legs in attempt to shut me up but I screamed in pain. Why wouldn't he get off me? His eyes were closed the whole time but mine were wide open. I looked towards the end of the ally and saw someone walk by. Harry...


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