I can't trust you

read to find out what its about.... im giving nothing away! im not that type of person. hehe


6. chapter 5

"One more. Kiss." My jaw dropped down into an 'O' and I stared at Harry. He looked at me worried. "Is there a problem Claire? All the other models would love to kiss this boy. Actually. All the girls in the world would" Madison looked at me worried. I couldn't say anything. The words didn't come out of my mouth. "I can't..." I said looking at them disappointed. "Well unless you have a good reason not to, you're fired" Madison was angry. I didn't have a reason. No way was I telling him about Harry and I. "I... I..." I started but couldn't think of what to say. "Claire you what?" he sounded even more annoyed. "I'm a lesbian" the words came out of by mouth without even thinking about it. "Claire I know your lying" Harry looked at me not believing me for a second. I bit my lip and looked at Madison. "It was worth a try dear, but you still have to kiss Harry" he said in his high pitched voice. "Claire, it's just a kiss..." Harry looked at me upset. Did he want to kiss me? "I'm sure you've kissed lots of guys before" Madison said to me. "No... Only one..." I said looking down at my feet. "Claire you were serious when you told me that? I was your only boyfriend?" Harry stepped forward looking at me. "Why would I lie about that. Harry I told you I could never love another guy, so I never got together with any other guys" I said and turned away from him.

"Claire..." Harry started but didn't say anything. Exactly what I though. He has nothing to say. He couldn't make anything right between us. There's nothing he could do. "Do you want me to give you two some privacy? Aloonneee timeee?" Madison stretched out his words creepily. "Yeah..." Harry mumbled from behind me but I didn't turn around. I didn't want to look at him. "Claire, I still love you. I have all this time. All those other girls I was with was because of management. They set me up with all these sluts when really, I wanted to come back and be with you" I still didn't turn around. He waited for me to talk but I never did. "Pease take me back Claire. Give me another chance. I really do love you" he said as more tears started pouring out of my eyes. They rolled down my cheeks quickly falling off my face and hitting the sand. "Claire... I love you" Harry kept saying as all the emotions built up inside me. How much I missed him. How much I wish he never left. I know I still loved him but I couldn't. Not after what he did to me. "Claire..." he said with his sexy deep voice and held my hand, turning me to face him. Our faces were inches apart and I could feel his breath. "I still love you, I know you still love me too" he said slowly and grabbed my other hand. I let him wrap his fingers in between mine as he looked down at me.

"Claire... Do you still love me?" he asked slowly. I gave him a questioning look. He looked hurt. Upset. Depressed. that I didn't say yes. Of course I still loved him. I wish I didn't but I couldn't help myself. "Love me Claire. Give me another chance. Do you still love me" he asked again. I looked into his eyes speechless. "Y- yes..." I mumbled but immediately took it back. "But... I can't..." I said slowly. He leaned in once again but didn't stop this time. He closed his eyes and pressed his lips up against mine. I felt my eye-lids drop shut and I started to kiss him back. I felt that spark that I never wanted to feel with Harry ever again. He stepped closer to me trying to deepen the kiss but I leaned back opening my eyes. "Harry stop... I can't love you... Tell Madison I quit" I said before running away from Harry in tears. Quickly changing and grabbing all my things in the dressing room, I ran out to be greeted by an unhappy Jen. "Jen I promise I won't ever do this again but you don't understand..." I pleaded but she pointed towards the dressing room. "Claire get back in the bikini and go finish this shoot!" she screamed at me. "Jen please don't make me do this! I'm not kissing the guy I absolutely hate just for dumb Jack Wills! You can't make me do this!" I screamed at her and she just glared. ••••• Harry POV • I walked back to the tent in tears. I loved her so much. When she kissed me back I thought she really did want me back, but why would she keep pushing me away. Walking up to the tent I heard screams from inside, and stopped by the door to listen. It was Claire. "I'm not kissing the guy I absolutely hate just for dumb Jack Wills! You can't make me do this!" she screamed. She... hated me? I had to do something. I walked through the doors and looked at her. "Please give me another chance" I said quietly, tears running down my cheeks. "Harry... I hate you" she said and ran past me.

Those words. Right out of her mouth.... directed towards me, that killed me. It shot me down and broke my heart into a million pieces. I've never felt so hurt in my life. I've never loved someone like I've always loved Claire. She had to understand that. She had to take me back. "You're the one that made my client quit the best job she's had in a year. Thanks a lot" some girl snapped at me and walked out the door following where Claire had just been.


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