I can't trust you

read to find out what its about.... im giving nothing away! im not that type of person. hehe


5. chapter 4

"Harry you kept that?" I asked him wiping away the tears and looking at him in disbelief. "Babe it was the only thing I had left of you" he said frowning. "Don't call me babe" I snapped at him. "Ok... Claire... I want to explain. I want to explain why I left you. I loved you and you know that--" I cut him off. "If you were telling the truth we would still be together" I glared at him. "I wish we were still together. The only reason I left you was because of the show. I didn't want to be away from you for so long. I wanted to stay with you. I thought if I had a girlfriend back home we would eventually drift apart and I didn't want it to happen like that. I wanted to get through the pain quickly. You don't know how much it hurt me to leave you" he kept going on an on about how he loved me and never wanted to end 'us' but he did anyway. "What is any of this going to do?" I looked at him and into his green eyes. My heart melted and I realized how much I still missed him. Missed him as my boyfriend. "Claire I want you back. I have ever since I left you. I'm so sorry and I promise I won't ever hurt you again" he begged me as more tears ran down his cheeks. "I can't trust you... after what you did to me, what I went through. That's not going to happen again" I said and he put his hand on my knee. "Don't touch me" I said pulling away. "Claire please forgive me. I want you back so badly" he whispered. "You had your chance and ruined it" I said standing up and walking back towards the tent.

"Claire! Where have you been!" Jen screamed at me angrily as I walked back into the tent. The girls stared at me and I looked away, noticing the rest of Harry's band. They gave me confused looks and I turned my head back towards Jen. "Something... Came up..." I said and walked over to Megan. "Hey why did you run off?" she asked like nothing was wrong. Like me running off was no big deal. "Uh... I'll explain later." I said and looked down. "Ok girls here's your first bikinis" a lady said leading us over to one rack. They were all white or light colored ones. I picked out a lace string bikini and head over to the changing room. When I walked out, two of the girls had already changed, one Megan. I walked over to her and smiled. She wore a strapless and sparkle designed light pink bikini. "Cute!" she said looking at me. I smiled and said the same to her. "If only we weren't so dead skinny because of Jen" she mumbled and I laughed a bit. "Models must lose weight, never gain" I mocked Jen with her accent and stuck my nose up high. Megan laughed and I smiled at her. Making my true friends laugh, not the backstabbing idiots who leave you to chase their dreams. "Ok girls over here!" a man lead us outside the tent. He wore an unbuttoned shirt and shorts. His voice was high pitched and he sounded kind of girly. "Okay I know your names, you don't know mine. I'm Madison" he said smiling. Madison? A guy named Madison? It doesn't get any gayer then that. "Megan, go stand with... Hmmm" he rubbed his chin and looked over to the side.

Four guys walked up, but not Harry. Where was he? "Go stand with... Niall" he said clapping is hands and lead her over to him. Niall was the short blond haired guy with blue eyes. Everything Megan likes in a guy. Hope she doesn't get distracted and ruin the shoot. "Emily, you and Zayn!" he said and jumped up smiling. One of the girls walked over to Zayn and stood by his side. "Wheres Mr.Styles?" he asked sounding upset. I looked at the other two girls and one of them glared at me. Like a death glare. She was tall and blond, looked about two or three years older. She was beautiful, perfect for Harry. "Well this one here ran off with him and he didn't come back!" she glared at me and did a little evil laugh. "I ran away from him, and he followed" I whispered but everyone heard. "Well when Harry comes back I would love to be his partner" she eyed Madison down. "Macie, you and Louis!" he said and the other girl walked over to one of the boys. "So me and Harry? She can have Liam" the girl spat at me. "Way ahead of you" I said walking over to the last guy left. He looked at me curiously. "I'm Claire" I said smiling. "Oh... So you're Claire" all the boys looked at me funny. "What? You all know me?" I backed up a little creeped. "Harry talks all about you, has been ever since we started the X-Factor. So that's why he ran after you earlier?" one of the boys looked at me suspiciously. "No, Tori and Claire, switch. Claire and Harry will look marvelous together!" Madison pulled me away from the group of boys and pushed Tori over to Liam. "No... I'm not being with Harry" I said under my breath but he heard me. "Would you rather loose this job?" he asked me annoyed. I shook my head no.

"There you are Harry!" Madison said and I looked over. There he stood looking at me with a frown on his face. His eyes were red from the tears and his cheeks were puffy. He walked over to me slowly and I looked up at him with a frown on my face. We stood close, our bodies almost touching. "Seeeee! I told you all! They look amazing together!" Madison screeched and I saw some flashes. I looked over to find him already taking pictures of us together. "Harry! Go put on your swim shorts! No shirt!" Madison sounded like an upset little girl who didn't get the doll they wanted for Christmas. Harry ran over to the tent and I looked back at the other girls. "He doesn't like you and you know it. I'll end up with him anyway!" Tori spat at me. "He's just going to break your pathetic little heart" I glared at her and she looked at me shocked. Did I really just say that? "How would you know?" she looked annoyed. "Don't act like you've even been with him before" she kept going. "As a matter of fact, I have. Five whole years of Harry freaking Styles. He's a heartbreaker. Don't even try" I said before looking away from her.

"Harry! Quickly!" Madison screamed towards the tent and Harry walked out in light grey shorts and no shirt. I looked at his abs and wanted to start drooling. I missed being with him and seeing that six pack all the time. Summers, we spent our time at the beach so I saw him shirtless all the time. He was definitely more fit now which just made me want him even more. No! I cant like him! He broke my heart! He walked over to me looking into my eyes still frowning. He looked really hurt. Why would he be though? He left me! I'm the one who should be crying. "Ok each couple gets a different photographer! Harry and Claire, come with me" Madison said and some other gay looking guys walked over to the group. Madison lead Harry and I towards the end of the bech where we could hardly see anyone anymore. "Ok! First I want you to hold hands and walk down the beach together, look into each others eyes and smile" he said and pushed us towards each other. Harry held out his hand and I took it slowly, looking at him in disgust. "Claire, darling. Act like you love him! Don't all teenage girls love Harry Styles?" Madison sounded annoyed. All I was thinking though, not this girl. I hated Harry. He was my least favorite person on the world. I tried to smile but nothing. "Claire, do you want to loose this job?" he asked me annoyed once again. Harry and I started walking down the beach like we were told to.

I looked over at him and a tear ran down my cheek. "How am I supposed to act like I love 'you'" I asked him annoyed and he frowned. "Just pretend we're still together" he said and pulled me closer. He smiled down at me as we walked and I just looked up at him. "Good good Harry, now Claire smile for him" Madison said and a gave Harry a week smile. "Ok that's good enough" Madison snapped some pictures and then ran up to us. "Ok now sit down together and Harry put your arm around her" he said and Harry and I sat down on the sand. He put his arm around my waist and pulled me close to him. His warm skin pressed up against mine and it gave me chills. Inside I was smiling but on the outside this was the worst moment of my life. "Ok look behind me at the water and give me a smexy look!!" Madison jumped and I glared behind him. "Perfect" he said and stopped taking pictures. I got up quickly walking away from Harry. "Now Harry I want you to hold Claire in your arms. Claire just rest your head on his chest and look past me" Madison pushed me back towards Harry. "Let's just get this over with" I said and let Harry wrap his arms around me. I rested my head up against his soft bare chest and a tear rolled down my cheek. I can't stand being so close to the guy that ruined my life, half naked. Madison took some pictures then I stepped back. "That's it?" I asked hoping he would say yes. "One more. Kiss.

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