I can't trust you

read to find out what its about.... im giving nothing away! im not that type of person. hehe


4. chapter 3

"Claire! We have to go! You missed your run this morning, I'm not letting you miss the photo shoot too!" Jen screamed from outside my bathroom door. I got up to my feat slowly and looked into the mirror once again. I looked like pure shit. Stepping into the shower, I rinsed off just enough to look decent for the photo shoot. I dried my hair with my towel and threw on some sweats and a tank. They would have the cloths for me there. I walked out of the bathroom and into the kitchen. Jen and Megan were sitting at the table talking. "Ok I'm ready" I said and they stood up quickly. "What's wrong? Why did you run off? Why wouldn't you want to meet Harry Sty-" I cut her off. "Stop, please. Don't say his name. Don't talk about him. Don't remind me of him" I say and walk out the door. They follow behind me and we get into my car. Jen takes her own car. "Why don't you want to talk about-" "Please..." I cut her off again. I started the car and pulled out, following Jens car. We arrived at a beach and there were cars everywhere. But there was something else. I could hear screams of teenage girls. "Get out! All of you! Shoo shoo!!" someone screamed and girls ran off the beach. "What the..." I started and we got out the car. "Why would girls come for a photo shoot. It's usually the guys who want to see us..." Megan looked around and most of the girls were gone. "Over here, girls" a lady walked past us and gestured us to follow. We walked into a big tent with racks of clothing and bikinis everywhere. There were five changing rooms lined up against the side. Three other girls were already standing in there talking so I decided to walk over and introduce myself. "Hey I'm Claire, and thats Megan" we walked over smiling. They greeted us and we got to know each other a bit until there were more screams from outside. "What is that? Why are they here?" I asked and one girl looked at me as her jaw dropped to a 'O'. "You didn't here about the guys we're modeling with?" she was shocked. I didn't even know there were going to be guys here.

I pulled Megan to the side and looked at her. "What guys?" we both looked at each other in shock. The other three girls squealed and we looked over at them. "They're here!" they all ran over to the entrance of the tent.

"Who's-" five guys walked in. Harry.... was the first of them all. The girls jumped up around him like he was a prize and he looked at them happily. Yeah, there's the Harry I never knew. The Harry who loves to have a bunch of dumb models jumping all over him. He's such a prick. When he left me, he dated so many girls, so many OLD girls. "I want to model with Harry!" all the girls screamed and a smirk played across his face. "Get me out of here!" I scream-whispered to Megan and she grabbed my arm as I started to run towards the back exit. "Claire stop! You have to stay! This is really important for our career! Do you know how many companies are going to be looking into this shoot? Tons! Come on Claire!" she said the last sentence a little too loud. Harry looked up from the girls and over at me. Tears started rolling down my cheeks and I freed myself from Megan's grip, running out. "Claire!" Megan screamed from behind me but I kept running down the beach to where nobody was. I could hear the sound of someone running after me but I didn't care. I was far away from everything, everyone. I collapsed on the sand and started to cry. The tears rolled down my cheeks like a river. "Claire" a deep voice sounded from behind me. I looked up and saw Harry standing there. A frown spread across my face as I got up to look him in the eye. "I told you not to talk to me ever again! Don't you remember that? A couple years ago I told you never to come back! Why are you here?!?" I screamed in his face and more tears formed in my eyes. "Claire... Please..." he looked hurt and upset, but no were near how I felt when he left. "Don't talk to me!" I screamed at him and started to run down the beach again. He grabbed my wrist pulling me back. "Don't touch me with your filthy skin you lying bitch!" I screamed pulling my hand away but he didn't let go. "Please let me talk to you. Let me explain" he said and a tear rolled down his cheek.

Why would he be upset? Why should he be the one crying? He broke MY heart. He left ME. "Harry please leave me alone" I said trying to calm myself down. "Say my name again" he said trying to smile but more tears ran down his cheeks. Was he sick? Why would I do what he asked? "Bitch let go of my wrist or I'll hurt you!" I screamed but he didn't let go. I used my free hand to swat him in the face but he stopped me. He held both my hands lightly but I couldn't free myself. "Claire... Please let me explain... Let me talk to you" he said calmly. What was there to explain? He broke my heart and left me. "What! What on earth would you have to say to me?" I cried more. He let go of one of my hands and softly brushed away the tears. "Stop! Don't touch me!" I said and cried more, just causing him to brush away more tears. "Can I explain?" he asked looking into my eyes with sympathy. "There's nothing to explain Harry. You ruined my live. You hurt me. Not just my heart either!" I accidentally said the last part and covered up my mouth quickly. My eyes opened wide and I saw him look at me confused. I glanced down at the scars on my arms and then back up to him. "What did you-" he started as his jaw dropped and he looked at my arms. "It's what you did! It's all your fault and you can't deny it! Drop it! Drop everything! Go back to your dumb tour again and don't come back!" I screamed into his face. More tears streamed down his face like a waterfall. "I did this to you?" he sounded hurt. He sounded really hurt. But I knew he wasn't, otherwise he wouldn't of left me. "Please! Go away!" I pulled away from his grip and fell onto the sand, covering my face with my hands.

I felt the sand move beside me as Harry sat down by my side. "I said leave!" I called out in between cries. "Claire please let me explain. Or at least tell me what happens to you?" he put his arm around my shoulder and I pushed him off. "You want to know what happened?!? You were the only guy I ever wanted to be with! I loved you more then anything and you leave me! I thought I had nothing! Nothing left in my life! I cut myself because of you! I wanted everything to be gone! You want to know what else happened? I thought you left me because I was a fat whore! Harry, I stopped eating because of you! See this disgusting body! It looks like a stick because of you! Want to know what else happened? Or what didn't happen actually? I don't get to live my life! Do you know how many girls you saw after me? How many one-night-stands you had! Harry I knew I could never love someone like how I loved you! I never even bothered with other guys! You were my first boyfriend! My last boyfriend! My only boyfriend! I don't want to hurt again so I'm never going to see another guy! Harry you ruined my life!" I let it all out. What he did to me. I let out all the tears I had left. I haven't cried this much since the year he left me. My eyes were red, my cheeks were puffy, my lips were cracked. "Claire... I-" "Save it!" I screamed into his face. He reached behind and grabbed something out of his pocket then handed it to me. "I've always kept this with me. I miss you Claire" he said as he handed me a little tube of cherry cherry lip-gloss. The same little container that had both our names on it because it was the first one he ever bought me

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