I can't trust you

read to find out what its about.... im giving nothing away! im not that type of person. hehe


16. chapter 15

Harry POV • She kissed me. A short kiss but she kissed me. I thought she hated me. Now she likes me and...she kissed me. I don't get her. I'm not saying I didn't want her to kiss me but-- I really don't know. "What?" she asked as I sat there in pure shock. Her smile faded as she watched me but I didn't know what to say. I would think she wanted to take things slow. She doesn't though. Neither do I. "Harry I-" I cut her off. It was my turn to kiss her. I leaned in and pressed my lips on hers and started kissing her slowly. Putting my arm around her, she smiled into the kiss and set her hand on my chest. I leaned back slowly and looked at her. She was trying to hide her smile but not doing a very good job at it. "I missed being with you Claire. Leaving you for fame was the worst thing I have ever done and I wish I could of taken it back. All I cared about was being a success and living the dream, when really, I could of stayed with you and been the happiest guy in the world. I'm so sorry I left but I won't do that to you again. Your my best friend. Your more then that. Your the best thing that has ever happened to me" I let it all out. All my feelings for Claire. She was my everything. "I missed you so much" she said and leaned in hugging me. We were cut off when I heard screams and looked up to find a group of girls running over to us. "Shit..." I mumbled and we got up quickly running back to the theatre. We got in just in time, those fans were about to mob us. They would of hurt Claire... Oh I hope she doesn't get any hate. "Where have you two been?!?" Paul screamed at us as we ran into the big room leading to all the screening rooms. "Out" I smiled at Claire and she gave me a wink. "You can't just do that Harry" he yelled at us. "Yeah Yeah..." I said and put my arm around Claire, pulling her to my side. "We're going back" I say and lead Claire over towards the back exit where my car is parked.

*Two Months Later* Claire's POV • Megan and Niall moved in together. There's No doubt in my mind that they aren't in love. I can see the way they look at each other. Its really sweet. I do miss having someone in my flat to live with but Harry is always with me. He comes over almost every day he's not at the studio. We talk, watch films, eat, and sometimes there's a little bit of kissing. He just makes me happy. Everything about Harry warms my heart. How he compliments me whenever he sees me, how he's always offering to help me with what I need, and how he's always there for me. I think I'm falling for him. Not like how I was before though. I think I- love- Harry. I don't know how he feels about me though... I wish I knew. ••••• Harry POV • I love Claire. It's as simple as that. I love her and I want her to know that but I don't know how to tell her. *Out to dinner* Claire and I talked over dinner and I couldn't stop thinking about it. About telling her I loved her. What of she didn't love me back? "Harry are you ok? Your not acting right..." she said worried. "Yeah it's just-- never mind" I say and get back to my dinner. When we're finished I pay for the bill and we walk to the park hand in hand. We don't speak but it's not an awkward silence. It's a peaceful silence. As we make our way to the bench we always sit at, I sit down and Claire plops right down on my lap, wrapping her arms around my neck smiling. I rest my hands on her lower back and smile back at her. Our lips are inches apart. She closes that space and starts to kiss me. Not a long kiss, she leans back almost right away and rests her head on my chest. "Claire..." I whisper into her ear. She looks up worried. "What's wrong?" she asks. "Nothing..." I pause then continue "Claire I love you" I say nervously and she smiles at me. Her eyes sparkle in the moonlight as she says "I love you too" and kisses me again. •THE END•



so guys this is it the final chapter...how did you like it?? leave your feedback in the comments and don't be shy to critasise (how ever you spell it...) thanks for reading and if you want you can read my other movellas that im going to post.... one starting today.... well thank you all and i love you guys xx

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