I can't trust you

read to find out what its about.... im giving nothing away! im not that type of person. hehe


14. chapter 13

*One Month Later* Harry was over at Megan's and my flat all the time. He and Niall would come over and we would all watch movies together every weekend. It was like a stupid thing that none of us could live without. He helped me when I was getting better after... 'Will' and I feel perfectly fine again, so its back to work. More modeling and no food. Whenever I didn't eat Harry would get upset and bring me food. He didn't like seeing me so skinny I assume. I was about 90 lbs and he says that's 'unhealthy'. Now I'm 110 and it will be harder to find modeling jobs. They want the tall skinny and light-weight girls. I feel... fat? No... I just don't feel right. Harry had become my best friend and I'm pretty sure if he left me again... I can't even think like that. It would be worse then before. It was young love... Young stupid love that would never last. Now Megan and Niall, that's more then young love. They're perfect together and the cutest couple ever. Sometimes it gets awkward though when we are all hanging out together. They get all lovey dovey and Harry and I sit there awkwardly. When I glanced over at him he would be looking at me but quickly turn away. We never went on that date I promised him though, he knew I wanted him to stay my friend so he stopped asking, stopped being romantic, just started being-- Harry. But not the old Harry I could go in public with. Him and Niall refused to tell the fans about us because of hate. We all knew they were the two guys that the fans 'claim' to be there's. The fans didn't know about Megan though they should. Nobody could hate her. She was awesome. When Harry is even seen with a girl they get hate and he doesn't want that to scare me off. He doesn't want fame to get in the way of our friendship.

I woke up to my phone buzzing on my nigh stand and rolled over moaning in annoyance. Who calls at-- 11:00... I sat up quickly leaning up against my bed and picked up my phone not even checking caller ID. "Hello?" I whispered sleepily. "Hey sorry did I wake you up?" Harry's deep voice spoke into the phone. I scratched my head and yawned loudly making sure he heard. "No..." I said sarcastically and he chuckled. "So do you want to go see a movie today?" he asked and I smiled to myself. He always refers to my living room as 'going out to see a movie'. "Sure when do you want to come over-- or do you want me to come to your flat?" I asked happily. "No... Like actually go OUT and see a movie" he whispered. "Mhmm... First, what about the fans and hate? Second..." I started then grinned to myself. "Did you just ask me out... Over phone?" I giggled stupidly. "Well nobodies going to be at the theater today... The boys and I sorta.. I guess you could say we rented the whole building? And no not a date... We're friends" he said sweetly. "Sure what time should I be there?" I asked excited. "7:00" he said happily. "See ya then" I said and hung up, right when Megan opened my bedroom door and ran in quickly. She jumped on my bed and started screaming and dancing like an idiot. "What's wrong with you?" I joked looking up at her. "I'm soooooo excited!!!" she called out and kept jumping up and down. "Why are you soooooo exited?" I mocked her. "Because I'm finally going on a date with Niall in public! I'm so sick of our crapy apartment!" she jumped down and looked at me smiling. "It's not that crapy..." I said sarcastically. "It's just... We're used to it?" I joked and got up quickly running to the kitchen. "Breakfast! Make me some!!" Megan called out following me. "Sure thing. It's pancake day!" I called out and started to cook.


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