I can't trust you

read to find out what its about.... im giving nothing away! im not that type of person. hehe


12. chapter 11

Once I got the address, I headed out to my car. I wasn't feeling as bad as before but I was still in a little pain. I drove into the apartment complex and parked in front of Wills flat. Something about the building seemed familiar, like I've been here before. Why am I doing this? I could just get a new phone. No... I need to get it. I can leave quickly after. It was still raining so I ran to the door quickly and knocked. The door slowly opened revealing Will. A smirk grew on his face when he saw me standing there. "So you came back for me, did you?" he chuckled. "I came here for my phone" I stated quickly so he wouldn't jump to any conclusions. I looked down and saw it in his hand. "Can I have it back now?" I asked nicely. The smirk on his face grew and he slowly held the phone out. I reached over to grab it but he pulled me into his flat. I knew this was a bad idea. "Stop it Will! Just give me my phone back and let me leave!" I screamed at him as I backed up into the wall. He threw my phone on he ground and it shattered into hundreds of pieces. "Fuck! Will I just got that!" I screamed and ran for the door. He grabbed my wrist and stopped me though. I screamed in pain as he tightened his grip on my bruises. "Don't scream! I'll hurt you even more!" he snapped at me. My eyes started to water as he lifted his other hand up to hit me. As soon as he slapped me across my face I screamed in pain. My cheeks started to burn and tears ran out of my eyes. "Shut up!" he screamed as I fell to the floor in tears. I started crawling for the door but he kicked my side, causing me to stop and let out another scream. "Stop it Will!" I called out and brushed the tears off my cheeks. I got up quickly and ran to the door only to be pulled back. He grabbed my arm and almost pulled it out of its socket. "You're not going anywhere!" he screamed as I started crying again in pain. "Let me go!" I called out and tried to run away.

"Your little boyfriend isn't here this time. I can do whatever I want to you" he screamed in my face as I leaned back up against the wall. I turned my head so I didn't have to look at him but he kept screaming at me, then did the same thing he did before. He crashed his lips into mine and dug his fingers into the exact same spots, making the bruises hurt even more. I screamed into the kiss but he didn't stop. I tried pushing him away but he started to unzip my jacket. He pulled it off of me quickly and threw it on the floor. I kicked his legs but he stood there, as if he was immune to pain. When he leaned back I ran for the door, not caring about my jacket even though it was raining. He grabbed my shirt this time instead of my wrist and I heard a tear in the back. He wrapped his arms around me playfully but for me it was pure torture. "Get off you sick jackass!" I screamed but he just pulled my shirt off revealing my light pink bra. He laughed as if I were I joke and crushed his lips on mine again, pulling me closer. I used my sharp nails to dig into his skin but he didn't show any signs of pain. When he leaned back I slapped him and he just chuckled. "What's wrong with you?!?" I screamed as he lifted me up and carried me over his shoulder. I pounded my fist against his back trying to get him to let me go. He dropped me on a couch and started laughing again. "Your so pathetic" he hissed at me and grabbed my sweats pulling them off. "Get away from me!" I screamed but he threw them in the pile of the rest of my cloths and leaned down kissing me again. He leaned up and I slapped him again as hard as I could. He surprisingly winced in pain but just laughed. He ripped off his shirt, revealing his 6-pack. If he wasn't such a dick I might actually say he was hot. I leaned up and ran for the door but he grabbed my waist pulling me back.

"What's wrong with you!" I screamed before I heard a loud noise from the flat next to Will's then a scream. We waited to hear what the sound was next door and then there was another scream. "Where is Claire?!" they screamed and I heard another crash. "How should I know!!" this time it was a guy screaming. That's why I remembered this apartment building. That's Harry's flat and the girl screaming at him was Megan...


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