I can't trust you

read to find out what its about.... im giving nothing away! im not that type of person. hehe


2. chapter 1

~FLASHBACK~ Harry and I met in second grade and he was everything to me even then. I was the new girl. The geeky new girl who nobody wanted to be friends with. I was the one with that annoying American accent who invaded the great country of England. Harry has always said he's found American accents hot though. Maybe that's why he asked to be my best friend? Yes, that's what he asked. First day of school and a cute boy walks up to me smiling. "Best friends forever!" he screams and pulls me into a hug. What choice did I have? We were kids and I had no friends here. I hugged him back and he never left my side after that moment. He made me 'popular' I guess you could say. Second grade through fifth, best friends. In six grade we went into junior high and were ready to grow up. He started to grow out of his oh-look-its-cute-little-Harry stage and into did-you-see-that-hotty-Harry. Yes he was the hottest guy in school. In my opinion not even close. He was my lesbian librarian looking best friend. We sat with the popular guys and my friend Katy. Katy moved in 7th grade though. Sixth grade was the year we started going out in public together and hanging out without parents. I would always have my hair in a high messy bun and he would always make sure he looked his best. We would hold hands and walk around together, not caring about the rumors of us being the first 6th grade couple.

One day we went out to the movies and saw 'That Crazy Kid' {I have no idea if that's a real movie, just go with it} Before the movie started we looked over at each other and smiled. "Uh... Claire..." he sounded nervous. "What's wrong Haz" I asked worried. "I... Erm... I kinda like you" he said and looked down embarrassed. "I like you too! Your the best friend ever!" I said happily. "No... I mean I think I have a crush on you..." he said and looked up at me. He had been telling me about his 'crush' for awhile now but never said her name. It was me? He really liked me?!? My heart started beating faster. He liked ME?!? His first crush, me?!? "Claire...?" he started but I leaned in hugging him. "I like you too" I said into his ear and he hugged me back. Harry was also my first crush. I have liked him since the start of 5th grade. "Like you would say yes if I asked you out on a date?" he said smirking. I nodded my head quickly. "Then let's make this our first date" he said moving his hand over to mine and holding it lightly. I wrapped my fingers between his and smiled. My first date, with my best friend. In 7th grade we were still together and there were some other couples, but they didn't last long. Harry and I never got bored of each other; we never wanted to end what we had. As friends, as a couple, as anything. The last day of school we walked to the park together and sat down to talk. "Claire, I know we've been together for almost a year but I guess I never really asked you this...” he started and I smiled at him.”Uh... So we're boyfriend and girlfriend... Right?" I could tell he was nervous asking me. "Of course!" I said smiling and hugged him. Over the summer we spent as much time as we could together. When 8th grade started, he came to my house in the morning and we walked to school together, hand in hand. When we walked up to the building people stared at us. Harry squeezed my hand tighter and I looked up smiling at him. "You two are still together?" everyone questioned us and we both agreed.

Last day of eighth grade we walked to the park, just like the previous year. We sat on the same bench we did before and I smiled at him. He put his arm around me and pulled me a little closer, and I rested my head on his shoulder. "You know, Harry..." I leaned up and looked at him. "What?" he said grinning. "We are a pretty good couple" I say smiling at him. He still had his arm around me so I could feel him tense up. Like I made him nervous or something like that. I leaned in smiling at him, with my face just an inch away from his. I wanted him to kiss me. I have for a year now. I was ready for him to take it to the next step. He had to. It's been three years and I've never put my lips on his. Looking into his eyes I smiled and leaned in again, hoping he would get the hint. He did. He bit his lip then leaned in pressing his lips up against mine. At that moment I felt a spark. Like this was meant to be. Being with him was perfect. Our lips moved together in sync as he kissed me softly. I leaned back from the kiss and looked at him satisfied. "Finally" he said and smiled at me. I hit his shoulder slightly and gasped. "What? You could of kissed me all this time and didn't? Why?" I asked him giggling. "I wasn't sure if you wanted to..." he looked away. I cupped his cheek turning his head back to facing me. "I wanted to" I whisper before kissing his lips softly once more.

The first day of high school, Harry and I walked together. He kept his arm around my waist as we walked through the gates and looked around. Big kids. Everywhere. They looked at us in disgust. "Uh, freshman couples. They'll never last" I heard someone whisper. I rolled my eyes and looked up at Harry. "We'll last" he said with a smirk on his face and leaned down kissing my temple. The girls rolled their eyes and walked away. "They're just jealous they don't have a smoking boyfriend like me" I said grinning right when some guys walked by. They all gave me pervy looks and one even winked at me. "Erm... Move along" Harry said and I laughed at him. Harry's locker was above mine so we could always talk in the halls. One day he came to school and I ran over to him kissing his cheek. "Hey Haz" I said smiled and put my hand in his, tangling our fingers together. He just nodded. "Haz... You ok?" I asked worried. He nodded his head again. "Talk!" I laughed looking into his eyes. He shook his head no. "Talk to me! I want to hear your voice!" I said with a smirk on my face. He shook his head again. "Please... For me??" I give him my best puppy dog face and he opened his mouth. "Uh... My voice cracked... Don't make fun of me..." his voice sounded weird but I didn't care. "It's just your sexy morning voice" I said grinning and kiss his lips softly. When I pull back he smiles at me. "Thanks but I sound like a freak" he said laughing.

His voice became deep over freshman year. So what? That happens to guys. Harrys new and deep voice was hot. Three guys stupidly asked me out that year, clearly knowing I was with Harry. They kept calling me beautiful and winking at me. One of them actually grabbed my bum and I slapped him. He said it was worth it and I punched him in the gut as Harry walked up. "Dude, you've got a hot girlfriend" he mumbled trying to hide the pain. "She has a nice bum" he continued and Harry kneed him in the crotch, making sure everyone in the hall saw him fall down to the floor in pain. I laughed and took Harry's hand. "What would I do without you" Second year of high school and Harry and I had most classes together. After school we would go to the park and sit on that bench. The bench we always went to. "Your beautiful, you know?" he said leaning in so his lips were hovering above mine. I smiled and kissed his nose. "like you should become a model" he would always say. Kind of awkward but the second year of high school was also the year Harry and I lost our virginity to each other. After that we were closer then ever. Guys would try to steel me from Harry but he wouldn't let them. The end of that year Harry and I went to the bench in the park again. He told me he loved me and I told him I loved him back. He got into singing and joined a band called White Eskimo. Whenever he wasn't with them practicing, he would sing to me. I always told him to try out for X-Factor and eventually he did.

This is where everything goes bad though. "You're the one who told me to try out!" he screamed at me as I kneeled down on the floor crying my eyes out. "I didn't think you would leave me once you made it!" I screamed at him in between sobs. "We would eventually break up anyway!" he called back at me. "Harry I love you! I thought you loved me back!" I screamed and started to cry even harder. "I do!" he said and put his hand on my shoulder. "Do you know what love is? You don't love someone and break their heart you bastard!" I screamed before getting up and staring at him. "I really really thought you loved me. I thought we would be together forever. I thought wrong. Don't ever talk to me again! I don't want you in my life! I hope you fail on this dumb TV show and you come back home crying. I hope you lose all your friends and they never want to talk to you again! You are a horrible person! Never talk to me again. Don't look at me! Don't think about me! Don't call me! Don't come back!" I screamed before running out into the street, nearly getting hit by a car. I ran home and laid in bed for hours crying.


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