Hate at First Sight

I'm Ashtyn Fynch. I've been best friends with Perrie Edwards since long before she was famous. When Perrie started dating Zayn, I met all the boys. I'm friends with them all, except for Harry. I hate Harry Styles! I always have, and I always will. He's annoying and rude! I vowed to never get involved with someone like that.

But what happenes when a terrible incident leaves Ashtyn with nothing but Harry's support. Ashtyn will find herself doing the unthinkable... Falling for Harry.


4. Worries and Wonder


I was so bored and I couldn't sleep at all. Ugh. In one day, I found out I'm 18, I was abused by my stepdad Rob and I have to have surgery from the cut he gave me, I'm living with hot guy who's in a band with more hot guys and I apparently hated him until yesterday. Kinda a lot to take in in one night. Plus my head hurts like hell. I looked around the room I was sleeping in. My eyes landed on the TV in the corner. I grabbed the remote and turned it on. I nearly screamed when I saw my face on the screen.

"If you have seen this girl, please call the number on the screen to help her heartbroken father find her. And now we talk to her father, Rob" The TV whent to split screen, and they showed a man who looked terrifyingly farmiliar, and he was obviously faking tears. "Step Father. I just... *sob* miss her so much... I gave her everything and she... She just ran away! *sob*"

I shut the TV off. I don't need to watch my step father fake cry over me. I jumped as the bedroom door open.

"I heard the TV and I thought I'd check on you" said Harry. "I'm just... Scared. What if he found me? And the surgery... They have to repare brain damage. What if something goes wrong?" I looked into Harry's gorgeous green eyes. "Everything will work out. The surgery will go perfectly. I know. You are an amazing person. And good things happen to good people." He said. He was so close to me. He gently grabbed my hand. "But..." I started.


"But... What if it doesn't go well?" She said. "It will." I said. Her dark brown eyes stared into my green ones. I wanted to kiss her so badly. So, so badly. But should I? What if she was disgusted? What if she just didn't like me? I wouldn't know unless I tried would I? And she hadn't pulled back yet... I had to try. I leaned in and gently brushed my lips against hers. Nothing to drastic, I just waited to see if she'd pull back. She didn't. So I gently touched her cheek. She ran her fingers through my hair. We just stayed like that. Until we both pulled back. She looked exhausted. "We should sleep" I said finally. "Uh huh" Ashtyn nodded. We layed down and fell asleep in each others arms.


I was woken up to the sound of a cellphone ringing. Harry was still sleeping, and I didn't want to wake him. I looked at the cellphone, it must be mine. I grabbed it and walked into the bathroom so Harry wouldn't wake up. "Hello? Who is this?" I said into my phone. "Ashtyn? It's Perrie! Where are you?! We've looked everywhere!" Perrie... Perrie... That name rung a bell. I remembered Harry saying she was my best friend. "Umm... Maybe you should ask Harry. He remembers more than I do..." I said to Perrie. "Harry? Your at Harry's house?! Why? And how would he remember more than you?! I'll be right over!" She said.

"So what happened?!" Said Perrie after Harry let her into the house. I looked at Harry, and he explained everything. "Oh my gosh..." Was all Perrie said. "You really don't remember anything?" Perrie said. I shook my head sadly. "So the surgery is..." Perrie trailed off. I followed her gaze to my hand, which was entwined with Harry's. "Wait a minute! Are you two together?! Why didn't you tell me?!" She shreiked. I nodded and smiled. Harry laughed. "Talk about a plot twist huh?" He said. I liked that. A twist. A change in the story. A plot twist.


Hello! I'm the author! Just thought I'd let you know that I appreiciate all feedback, so don't be afraid to tell me your thoughts! ~Smile✨
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