Hate at First Sight

I'm Ashtyn Fynch. I've been best friends with Perrie Edwards since long before she was famous. When Perrie started dating Zayn, I met all the boys. I'm friends with them all, except for Harry. I hate Harry Styles! I always have, and I always will. He's annoying and rude! I vowed to never get involved with someone like that.

But what happenes when a terrible incident leaves Ashtyn with nothing but Harry's support. Ashtyn will find herself doing the unthinkable... Falling for Harry.


6. Is It Over Now...

I woke up with a brutal mind-splitting headache. It was just awful. I couldn't even think straight. But it all came back pretty fast. I was in a hospital. I just had surgery. I was getting brain damage repaired. Surgery is done. But before the surgery... I got my memory back. And then... I had... That fight with Harry. But he's a jerk! So who cares right? Right?!
I care.
I don't like hurting people even if those people are assholes! Because their still human! And Harry actually was starting to care about me! And... As gross as it seems, maybe, just maybe, I should give him a chance.
The doctor enters my surgery room. He seems happy enough for someone who just cut me open. "It all went perfectly! Exactly as planned!" He says. I'm done! I can go back to normal!
But wait... There is no 'normal'. Go back to the normal where I let my stepdad abuse me?! Or do I go back to the normal where I live with Harry...

I don't know.

Obviously it should be an easy choice! Living with Harry is definitely preferable to living with my stepdad. But what if... I'm just afraid... Afraid I'll end up falling for him. I already did the first time! But this time I mean, last time I only fell for him because I didn't know his personality! This time I actually will know who I am and who he is. Yes. I can stop myself this time.
Perrie runs into the surgery room looking pleasant. "Your all done! Congrats!" She says happily. I smile. I should be happy. But I still can't stop thinking about... Harry. He's all I can think about and... I feel bad for hurting him. I can't help it! He walks into the surgery room. He says nothing. Perrie glances from me to Harry and Harry to me. She can obviously tell something happened. I don't say anything and neither does Harry. A minute passes. Maybe two. The awkward silence is swallowing us. That is, until Harry leaves.
Perrie asks me what happened. "Well, this morning, I got my memory back, and I remembered that, I mean, I remembered what a jerk he was, and I sort of exploded at him" I say. I'm not proud of what I did, but its feels good to get it off my chest. "Well you'll probably hate me for saying this but I think you need to give him another chance; you guys made a really cute couple" she says. I just nod silently. I should give him another chance. I will. But I have to stay in the hospital overnight so the doctors can observe my recovery.

But even though I should have plenty on my mind, like recovery, all I can think of is Harry.
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