Hate at First Sight

I'm Ashtyn Fynch. I've been best friends with Perrie Edwards since long before she was famous. When Perrie started dating Zayn, I met all the boys. I'm friends with them all, except for Harry. I hate Harry Styles! I always have, and I always will. He's annoying and rude! I vowed to never get involved with someone like that.

But what happenes when a terrible incident leaves Ashtyn with nothing but Harry's support. Ashtyn will find herself doing the unthinkable... Falling for Harry.


5. I Remember!

It was a rainy Monday morning when my memory came back. I was laying in bed and I got a text from Liam. I knew my memory was back when I realized I knew exactly who Liam was. And then I recognized where I was. Harry's house. Wait a minute, HARRY's house?!

"AGH!!!!" I yelled when I realized that I was sleeping next to Harry. But I was fully clothed, and so was he, thank god.
"Ashtyn! What is it? You nearly gave me a heart attack..." Harry said. Why is he acting so normal? He hates me! And I hate him! I was never a friend of Harry! Now that my memory's back I remember what a jerk he was. I try not to make gagging noises when he grabs my hand.

"You must be nervous about surgery right?" He says. I nearly barf when he puts an arm around me. I immediately pull away from him and stand up. "Eww, eww, eww!!!!" I yell, not being able to hold it in any longer. "Ashtyn?" Harry says, looking puzzled. "I don't like you!" I yell at him, harshly. But once I start I can't stop. "I never liked you! I only liked you because I didn't remember what a jerk you are! But now, my memory's back and I remember everything! Get away from me!" When I stop yelling I realize I was a bit too harsh. "Wow. I... I thought you changed. I honestly thought you could move on from the past, and forget everything. But no" he says. Behind his anger, he looks really hurt. "Your the one who tricked me into falling for you when I had no memory!" I say, suddenly furious. "I didn't trick you! But losing your memory just opened your eyes! I had always liked you Ashtyn!" He said. My fury blocked out his words. I didn't even realize what he was actually saying. Harry's mom walked in. "Ashtyn? You have to leave for surgery now." She says calmly.
Harry's mom leads me to the car wear she'll drive me to surgery. Harry gets in behind me. The drive to the hospital is silent. I guarantee Anne can sense the awkwardness between me Harry. When we get to the hospital, there is shockingly no wait. I am led to the room where my surgery will take place. Right before I am given the anesthetic, I glance at Harry. He still looks remarkably hurt. I feel kind of bad. He is the last thing I see before I go under.
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