Hate at First Sight

I'm Ashtyn Fynch. I've been best friends with Perrie Edwards since long before she was famous. When Perrie started dating Zayn, I met all the boys. I'm friends with them all, except for Harry. I hate Harry Styles! I always have, and I always will. He's annoying and rude! I vowed to never get involved with someone like that.

But what happenes when a terrible incident leaves Ashtyn with nothing but Harry's support. Ashtyn will find herself doing the unthinkable... Falling for Harry.


2. Caught

I was over at Perries house. Me and Perrie were waiting the boys to come over. But I wasn't particularly happy the boys were coming. I was still pissed with Harry over yesterday.

The boys were at the house now, and we're all just kind of watching TV and talking. Harry's been really quiet for once, surprisingly, he hasn't opened his big mouth yet. We were all really really bored. Or I was at least.

A few hours later, I was tired of being bored so I just left and went home.

I walked in to my house. "Hello Ashtyn." Said a voice that was all to familiar. "Brody?!" I screamed.
I couldn't be Brody. My luck wasn't that bad. Was it? It must be.

"Hello Ashtyn. Long time no see." Said Brody. Terror filled my body. This was the last person I wanted to see.

Brody was my stepdad. Before my mum died, he was fine. But once she died, he was unbearable. He would take his anger out on me. And he always had anger. He would beat me, constantly, and every day. He warned me not to tell the police or else it would get worse. I have bruises and scars all over me from him. Finally, when I was 15, I ran away to live with Perrie. Brody was infuriated I suspect, but for some reason, he alerted the media. I thought he would never find me. And he never did. Until today.

"Boy it's been a long time since I saw you."
"Wh-Why are you in my house?"
"How stupid are you?! I'm here to get my revenge for the disrespect you gave me!"
"I disrespected you?!"
"That's about one smart remark too many."
"GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!" I finally found my backbone.

The next think that happened felt like slow motion. Brody was angered from me yelling at him. In anger, he grabbed his empty beer bottle and whipped it across the room at me. It looked like it would miss, and I was too shocked and scared to move anyway. The bottle smashed into the side of my face, opened a gash that felt really serious. I felt the blood pouring out of the wound, so I threw my hands up to cover it, though they were soaked in seconds. It hurt. A lot. I didn't know what else to do, so I ran.

Hours later, I realized something. I was completely lost. When I ran, I should've ran to Perrie's place, but the blood loss was affecting my brain, and I just ran down the first street I saw, and kept going for hours. Now I'm tired, in pain, covered in blood, and completely lost.

"ASHTYN?!" Said another familiar voice. But it wasn't Brody.

"HARRY?!" In the shock of seeing him, I lowered my hands from my face, and he saw the gash.

"Oh my goodness what happened?!" He yelled. He gestured for me to come inside.

"So what happened?" He asked.

It took a long time, but I explained everything that had happened. "Oh my God" he said when I finished.

"Ashtyn! What happened!" Said Harry's mum as she came down the stairs. Harry quickly explained everything. "Well we need to look at that gash, it looks bad" she said. Harry's mom took me to the bathroom to clean me up. In the mirror, I saw how horrible I looked. There was dried blood caked all over the side of my face, and I had humongous bags under my eyes from running and walking all night. My hair was a nightmare, and my clothes were covered in dirt and blood.

Harry's mother helped clean me up, and granted the fact that I was in no shape to be walking anywhere, she offered for me to stay here as long as I needed.

I was about to tell her thanks but no thanks, because the least time with Harry, the better, but before I had a chance, she showed me the guest room, and I collapsed on the bed before I could stop myself. I was asleep in minutes.
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