Hate at First Sight

I'm Ashtyn Fynch. I've been best friends with Perrie Edwards since long before she was famous. When Perrie started dating Zayn, I met all the boys. I'm friends with them all, except for Harry. I hate Harry Styles! I always have, and I always will. He's annoying and rude! I vowed to never get involved with someone like that.

But what happenes when a terrible incident leaves Ashtyn with nothing but Harry's support. Ashtyn will find herself doing the unthinkable... Falling for Harry.


3. A New Start


Ashtyn is in my house. Ashtyn is living in my house. Ashtyn looks beautiful when she's sleeping.

Wait What?! Where the hell did that come from?! I don't like Ashtyn! At least, I don't think I do...

"AHH!!! WHERE AM I? WHAT IS GOING ON?!" Ashtyn suddenly screamed.
"Ashtyn!" I said, running over to her.
"Wait... Am I Ashtyn?" She said.

She didn't remember her own name. The cut must be affecting her brain! She's losing her memory! What if she doesn't remember anything?!"

"Yes. Your Ashtyn. And this is really bad. Listen Ashtyn. You are losing your memory. Do you remember anything?" I said, starting to panic.

"I'm sorry... No" she said.

THIS IS BAD. REALLY BAD. "MOM!" I screamed, calling my mom to come down. "What is going on?!" Said my mom, realizing the panic in my voice. "Mom, Ashtyn lost her memory. She can't remember anything." I said. My mom immediately got a worried look.

"This is not good. We need to get her to the hospital now."

At the hospital, we told the doctor what happened. He looked to Ashtyn, who had been silent the whole time. "Ashtyn, do you remember anything at all?" He said. "Umm... There is one thing. It's just a name, not an image or a story. I just remember the name... Harry?" She said.

She. Remembered. Me. And. Only. Me. Oh. My. Gosh.

"Well... Her memory will come back eventually, maybe very slowly, but it will return. However that is a nasty cut, and we will have to do surgery next month." The doctor said. He worked out a date with my mom, and then we left.

In the car, Ashtyn asked me if I knew a Harry.

"I'm Harry." I said.

"How do I know you?" She said.

"Well umm... I'm a singer in a band called One Direction. My bandmate, Zayn Malik, is dating your best friend, Perrie Edwards, who is a singer in another band called Little Mix." I said.

"Well do we... Get along?" She was clearly wondering if we were dating.

"Umm... Not really. You kind of... Hate me."

"Why would I hate you? You seem pretty nice! After all, you let me fstay in your house!" She said.

This was my chance. My chance to make it right, stop the hatred between me and Ashtyn once and for all.

"How about we start fresh. We just forget the hatred, and just be friends." I said.

"I'm all for it. Lets just be friends." Ashtyn said.

I never realized it until know, but I should have realized it long ago. I only picked on Ashtyn because know she's going through so much, she wouldn't want to add a relationship. I know it's to late but. I really like Ashtyn. Not that she would give me a second look.

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