i will get you back~

Lexi Tomlinson is 18 an is like every normal girl. Happy, pretty, dancer,smart.Except most people aren't Louis Tomlinson's sister. When Lexi goes on tour with Louis, she gets kidnapped. How far Louis go?
( Shout out to Zoieisacottonball/Zoieloveseminem for the amazing cover!)


20. Please....stop~20

Joe and Lexi!


Ryan pushed me onto to the bed. He jumped on top of me.

"Ready for the time of your life?" He asked.

"Ryan please! It doesn't have to be like this!" I pleaded. He stopped for a moment as if actually considering.

"It's to late now." He says. Well that didn't work. Time for plan B. 

"HELP! HELP ME!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. Ryan slapped me.

"Shut up, or I'll blow your brains out!" He growled pulling a gun out. Tears began to flow down my cheeks. He countinued what he was doing and right when he was about to un-clip my bra, the door was kicked down.

"Hey!" Yelled a mystery person. Cops came in and hand cuffed Ryan.

"THIS IS NOT OVER YOU STUPID FUCKING BITCH!" He yelled as he was dragged out. The mystery person walked over to me, and I finally realized who it was.



"Higher! Higher!" 10 year old me screeched. 

"I'm pushing!" Joe yelled back at me. Joe gave one last big push that sent me flying off and making a hard impact with the concrete.

"Lexi- boo! Are you okay?" Joe asked rushing up to me. I nodded as a single tear fell down my cheek. 

"Your bleeding!" Joe cried. I looked down and saw I had scraped my leg from my ankle to my thigh.

"It's fine. It does not hurt." I told him.

"I'm so, so sorry Lexi!" He told me.

"It's okay." I say simply. Joe looks at me. He leans in and I do the same, and I feel our lips touch.

"Hey!" I heard someone shout. We quickly pulled away and looked the way the voice came from

It was my 14 year old brother Louis.

"Get off from my sister, you pig!" He yelled at Joe. Joe quickly scramed to his feet and ran to his house. I ran inside and locked myself in my room mortified. I began to cry and kept saying I hate my brother so much, and a few other stuff, when there's a taping on my window. I open it and see Joe standing below my window. I reach my hand down and he takes it. It takes all my strength but I pull him in my window.

"Sorry about my brother," I sigh sitting on my bed.

"Hey, don't be upset, I'm used to it." Joe replies sitting next to me.

"Your so sweet. I love you." I say resting my head on his shoulder.

"I love you too." He says stroking my hair.


Ok so how do you guys like the flashback? And you guys don't comment on this anymore. I don't feel like you guys want me to update anymore. So I have decided for chappie 21 I need 3 new comments! You guys can do it.

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