i will get you back~

Lexi Tomlinson is 18 an is like every normal girl. Happy, pretty, dancer,smart.Except most people aren't Louis Tomlinson's sister. When Lexi goes on tour with Louis, she gets kidnapped. How far Louis go?
( Shout out to Zoieisacottonball/Zoieloveseminem for the amazing cover!)


15. no~15

"Kaylen, baby." I hear Niall cry.

I open my eyes to see Niall cradling her in his arms. I stay quite, so he does not know I am awake.

"I'm such a bad dad, I can't even impress your mum. She's the best woman ever. You are one lucky duck to have her. I love you and your mummy very much." Niall murmured kissing her head.

I smiled to myself. I love him. 

"You know," Niall continued.

"Your mom has always been tough but, I don't know how she will cope with me being on tour."

My heart dropped right out of my chest. Tour?

"What?" I asked heartbroken.

"Lexi?" He asked turning my direction.

"You weren't suppose to hear that." He mumbled.

"I can't believe you never told me." I told him.

"I tried but-" Niall was cut off.

"Mrs.Horan, we would like to inform you, that the information about a second baby, is false." The doctor told me.

I cried tears of joy. I could've never taken care of two kids, with Niall touring. 

"Thank, God." Niall murmured. 

Niall put Kaylen down and hugged me.

"I feel blessed." I told him.

The doctor cleared his throat.

"You can leave whenever you would like," he told us.

"Thank you." I said.

I got up off the bed, grabbed some clothes out of the bag Niall had brought, and headed towards to Restroom. I quickly changed and threw the hospital gown into the dirty hamper. I walked out to see Niall waiting for me.

"Let's go." I said grabbing Kaylen and putting her in her carrier.

We walked out the hospital door to be nominated by flashing lights.

"Lexi, do you cut?"

"Is it true you were raped?"Is that Harry's child?" 

"Is it true you slept with7 different men?"

I just ignore  them and walked to the limo. Niall opened the for me. I place Kaylen on the Side  and sat in the middle. Niall Sat beside me.

I still can't believe he is leaving on tour. My life is so screwed.



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