i will get you back~

Lexi Tomlinson is 18 an is like every normal girl. Happy, pretty, dancer,smart.Except most people aren't Louis Tomlinson's sister. When Lexi goes on tour with Louis, she gets kidnapped. How far Louis go?
( Shout out to Zoieisacottonball/Zoieloveseminem for the amazing cover!)


10. I'm better~10

                                                   Lexi's POV:


I finally broke out of my shell and came out of my room. Turns out i'm pregnant. I don't what to do, but tonight niall taking me out to a romantic dinner. So right now i'm doing my make-up, which won't stay in place. GRRR. Well anyways I am not wearing any thing classy just a sundress with sandles. ( http://www.amazon.com/Colorful-Beaded-Racer-Indie-Print/dp/B008U7XG4M). Anyways Niall is calling me so better hurry up.


When the car stopped I could smell ocean.

"Niall are we at the beach?" I ask cause' I have a blindfold on.

"Something like that." he said. He guided me around for awhile before he took off my blindfold. My eyes teared up at what I saw. It was a picnic in a boat.

"Oh my God. Nialler!" I said and hugged him.

After we had been in the water for awhile Niall took out a tiny box and asked me.

"Will you marry me?"

"YES, YES!" I said as he slid the ring on my finger. When I went over to hug him the boat tipped over. When we both resurfaced we burst out laughing then shared a passionate kiss.

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