i will get you back~

Lexi Tomlinson is 18 an is like every normal girl. Happy, pretty, dancer,smart.Except most people aren't Louis Tomlinson's sister. When Lexi goes on tour with Louis, she gets kidnapped. How far Louis go?
( Shout out to Zoieisacottonball/Zoieloveseminem for the amazing cover!)


13. breaking down~13

Niall came back about 3 hours later. I was lying in my bed waiting for.them to return with Kaylen, for they were doing tests on her.

"Baby..." Niall said. I looked at him.

"What is it?" I asked curiously.

"Well me and the boys ha-" He was cut off by the doctor walking in.

"I have some bad news." He said firmly.

"What is it?" I asked.

"Kaylens heart rate is dropping to an very unhealthy level." He said.

"But I th-tho-thought she was born healthy." Niall stuttered

"She was. But she was pre-mature so it has  some conciqences." The doctor told us. 

"I will give you two some space" the doctor said leaving.

"My baby...." I choked trying to hold back the tears.

"Shhhh" Niall tried to sooth me. It wasn't working though. My baby. My sweet little Kaylen, was dying.

I burst out into huge sobs and cry's.

"No, no , no, this is all just a dream, my baby's fine, she's not dying, she is perfectly healthy." I said trying to calm myself.


"She's fine everything is peachy."


"My baby is just taking a nap somewhere."

"Lexi!" Niall snapped at me.

"What!? What am I suppose to do? Sit here and tell myself my baby's dying, dying Niall. You don't know how I feel! How would you? I have had to sit on my arse doing everything,having aching feet and back, for freaking 8 months! Now as soon as I have her in my arms for the first, I freaking learn she's practically dying! You know what? Why do I even bother with you? I hate you! Get the fuck out!" I yelled at him. I had hot tears streaming down my face. I saw the look of sadness in his eyes and immediately regretted what I said. 

He stood up and walked towards the door and left.

"Niall..." I whined.

"Niall comeback!" I yelled.

"Please I'm sorry Baby!" I screamed.

I quickly dialed his number. It went to voicemail.

"Niall baby, Please comeback, I need you. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. Please I can't do this on my own." I cried to the phone.

"I love you." I said and hung up.


(Niall's POV;)

"I love you." I heard my beautiful wife say before the voicemail ended. I know she did not mean it but it still breaks my heart she said it.

I walked towards the waiting room where all the boys were. "What's wrong mate?" Zayn asked. "Nothing it's just me and Lexi are kinda fighting right now." I said and sighed.

"What happened?" Asked Liam.

I told them everything. I even played them the voicemail. 

"The only way you can fix this is to go and talk to her." Louis told me.

 I sighed and nodded as I started back towards the room.

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