Because I Want To

Just another one of those One Direction fan fictions. You should read it. Because this girl that you love named Savannah wrote it.


1. Hi


"Baby, that looks so cute!" Jaiden shreaked when I walked out of the dressing room.

"You Think so? Its not to... American?" I asked.

"No way, its so pretty." She came up to me and checked the price tag of the shirt. Her eyes kind of blew up. "Whoa, you have anough money for that?"

"Yeah, besides, its worth it." I took it off and we walked to the casheeir and I payed for it.

We walked down the hallway of the mall with bags in our hands when we heard a bunch of noise behind us. Like people yelling and making weird noises. "AHHH!" she whispered/yelled, "Who are these people?"

"Just ingnore it." I told her. I kind of glanced back a little and saw a few guys acting like idiots. But they were attractive and they looked funny.

"Whoa, Lauryn, look behind you they're so pretty."

"Jaiden, settle down."

She turned around, "Hello?"

They stopped. One boy with blonde hair said, "Oh my god, Harry you were right."

I raised one eyebrow, "Is there somthing you want?" I asked rudely.

She gave me a look. "Uh, we just wanted to see if you wanted to hang out or eat here or somthing." the curly haired one said. Jaiden was right. They were attractive.

She looked at me and I looked at her. She smiled and said, "Sure!"

We walked to the Apple Bee's in the building. I sat next to Jaiden and the curly haired one. The blonde one seemed very fancinated with Jaiden, I think he told her that his name was Niall or something like that. The other three were busy doing something that was probably a game.

"Is this awkward?" Curly asked me. I looked at him and holy... he was so... "I'm Harry." He smiled.

"I'm Lauryn." I smiled back.

"Lauryn? I know a girl named Lauryn." he said.

"Really? Is she nice?"

"So far." Okay, I knew he was talking about me. "She's pretty too."

I blushsed a little bit. "I know a Harry."

"Whats he like?"

"He is very nice and makes things not so awkward."

He laughed and blushed a little bit too. The waitress came and started handing out food. She looked at Harry and her mouthed a gaped. Probably cause he was well known as Harry Styles for One Direction. She looked at every else at the table and just ran away.

"Haaaarrrrrrrrryyyyyy." Called one.

He turned his head, "Louuuiiiiiiisssss?"

"Stop being so flirty." He smirked a little.

Harry bit both of his lips and turned his head towards me again. "I'm not flirting, am I?"

"Yeah, you were." He laughed and we all ate our food.

Harry's POV

Louis was making fun of me. Though he always does, this time it was about my love life and it was getting annoying.

"Harry loves Lauryn!" he yelled to everybody pretty much.

I looked at Lauryn every time he would say something like that. She just blushed and smiled. I'm glad she went along with it because.. I really liked her and I didn't want to lose tuch. She was really cool and nice.

Liam payed for the food and we all left and walked to the doors. "Thanks for not saying 'no'" Niall said.

"No problem." Jaiden (I think) said to him and they hugged.

Lauryn looked at me and smiled, "Bye Harry."

I hugged her, "Bye babe" and pecked her on the cheek.

That went pretty well.




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