The Drunken Fairy

Meet Kate, a twenty year old girl living in England; surrounded by her middle class family, she's eager to venture out into the big wide world. But, when Kate looks at her life in the mirror, she doesn't get the reflection she was looking for.instead she sees a single women, partying every other night with no commitments to bring any purpose. so when new year comes, she sets out to make some drastic changes and find that happily ever after she's wanted since she was a child.
The drunken fairy is a romantic comedy staring a girl with an ending that wont come true, a girl who sees fairy tales as an opportunity not a story. Join Kate on her venture to find happiness and the challenges that lay ahead.


1. The child

"Morning Miss Miles" The drapes were drawn back flooding in the blinding light, her black dress dropped just below her knees covered by her white lace pini. "Your father has requested I wake you early to meet his associates in the study, before your Tuesday brunch with your tutor"

"Thank you Eleanor" I grumble as my feat stagger to the floor "What lesson is it to be today?"

"Um... I believe you have Geography today Miss Miles."

"Oh yes, the maps and images; I can just smell the salty air of Egypt and see the Sphynx at the beach...Urgh, maybe thats wrong.... I don't know? Isn't it a wonderful subject. Don't you just dream of exploring, all the sights and senses... All the people?!"

"Of course Miss Miles but i couldn't afford such a distance. I'm lucky enought to be in England with my sister when I moved... Oh, I'm terribly sorry Miss Miles! I'm boring you with all this nonsense."

"No of course you're not! And please just call me Kate, all this formality is truly boring, ones objective as a child is to have fun not become a royal mimic!"

"Um... Sure... Of course a child like you is all about the fun..?" A slightly sarcastic expression passed across her face before being immediately replaced with a serious one.

"May you assist me with my corset?" I enquire

"Of course Miss, I m-mean Kate; you are aware a child of six is not requiried to ware such an item?" 

The television at the foot of my bed switches onto a ridiculous child's cartoon. "It's outstanding that children these days find sitting around watching others humiliate themselves is amusing? I mean what do parents teach us these days? Surley they would have much more fun recalling pie to the hundredth digit for a talent show or even have one of my thoroughly enjoyable political debates about the segregation of economically capable; I mean what is the world coming to?"

Eleanor sniggers temporarily before reassuring me with an obedient "Of course! Your 4th birthday dinner was terribly exciting." My parosel is lodged into my hand with the fan sprawled into the opposite. "...You are aware this outfit originates from the 19th century?"

"And your point? It very modern it's only the 1920's."

"No it's 2010 Miss... I mean Kate, at 19:20am your clock is broken and that is the time?!"

"Ohhhhh.... That explains why I fail maths...But im still puzzled about ones failiure of Geography?."

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