The Drunken Fairy

Meet Kate, a twenty year old girl living in England; surrounded by her middle class family, she's eager to venture out into the big wide world. But, when Kate looks at her life in the mirror, she doesn't get the reflection she was looking for.instead she sees a single women, partying every other night with no commitments to bring any purpose. so when new year comes, she sets out to make some drastic changes and find that happily ever after she's wanted since she was a child.
The drunken fairy is a romantic comedy staring a girl with an ending that wont come true, a girl who sees fairy tales as an opportunity not a story. Join Kate on her venture to find happiness and the challenges that lay ahead.


2. Dinner Disaster

"Morning Mr Windslow, Mr Compo. Father."

"Morning darling." My father chirps as I edged towards his opened arms alleviating the pure formality from the current conversation.

"You've raised this one well Mr Miles" stated Mr Campo


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