Everything You Do

Rachel is living with Harry, Louis, and Eleanor. Her and Harry aren`t dating but they both secretly like eachother. Well, actually it`s not a secret because Louis and Eleanor both know and are trying to get them together. Oh and Louis and Rachel are bro and sis. They`re extremely close. They`re all close actually. They`ve all known eachother for like ten years. Okay whatever just read it. My descriptions are TERRIBLE!!! Tell me what you think and constructive critism is welcome. :)


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                                                           Rachel`s           POV


"Noo I wanna watch Sponge Bob!"I said to Harry. We`re fighting over who gets to pick the channel. "But I want to watch Gravity Falls. I love Mabel!"Harry said back. Right then Louis and Eleanor walked in. "We`re going to get pizza. And you to are staying here." Louis said. "Okay. Just leave then."I said. He rolled his eyes at me. They left and Harry turned over to me. "What?"I said. "Do you wanna just watch a movie?"He asked."Yeah. Which one?"I said. "Do you want to watch the Barney movie?"He asked. "Yeah!"I said. He put it on and after five minutes we got bored. "Come here."I said walking into the kitchen. He got up and followed me. I went over to the fridge and got ketchup and mustard out. Egghh I hate mustard. I handed him the ketchup. "What?"He asked. I squirt the mustard out at him and he ducked when he saw what I was doing. The mustard hit the wall. "Eww it smells."I said. He laughed and squirt me with the ketchup. It hit me in the face. I squirt him with mustard and it landed in his hair. I fell on the floor laughing. He squirt me with ketchup again and it was gone after two minutes. I kept on squirting him with ketchup and when we were done the kitchen was a mess. And I mean A MESS! Then we heard the door open. "Go distract them!"I said. He ran to the kitchen door and stood in the door way. Oh god there`s two doors. "Harry there`s two doors."I whispered to him. He ran and jumped on Louis and Eleanor. They got up after a few minutes and Eleanor smacked Harry across the face. Oh god I`m not done cleaning. I ran and hid undre the table. They both walked through the doors at the same time. "Oh my god what did you do?"Eleanor asked. She paused for a minute. "Andqhy did you do it without us?"She said. I sighed in relief. "What are you doing under there the floor is dirty."Louis said. I laughed. He grabbed my hand and pulled me up. "I`m starving. Where`s the pizza?!"I said. He pointed to the table in the living room. I ran in and started eating it. "Get me something to drink!I yelled to them. "what do ya want?"Harry said. "I don`t know just get me something."I yelled shoving a second piece of pizza in my mouth. Two minutes later they all came in and I already ate three pieces of pizza. "Whoa slow down there lil' sis."Louis said. I looked at him. "But I didn`t eat all day."I said with my mouth full. "Okay well then save some for us at least. "But there`s three boxes."I said. "Okay whatever."Louis said. I ende up eating six pieces. "I`m hungry."I said. "You just ate almost a whole box of pizza."Elenor said. "Well do we have anything else to eat?"I asked. Here you canf finish this."Louis said handing me the other half of his hoagie. "Thanks bro."I said. "Your welcome sis."He said. "Oh my god it`s already 11."I said. "Oh my god."Eleanor said. "let`s watch Playing House!"I said. "Yeah."Harry said."Oh you just wanna see Blare and Mitch in the shower."Louis said. "No. I`m always asleep for that part."Harry said. "Oh and you wake up right after and see her stab him?"I said. "Yeah."He said. I rolled my eyes at him. "Hey do not roll your eyes at me."He said in a sassy tone. "Do not give me your tude Mr."I said. Then we all started laughing. After the movie it was 1:00. "Well I`m going to bed."I said. "Yeah me too."Eleanor said. We both walked upstairs and into my room. "So how did it go when we were gone?"she asked. "Wellwe had a ketchup and mustard war. And that`s about it."I said. "Oh well in the car Lou and I were talking about how you two would make a cute couple and how we`re waiting for Harry to ask you out."She said. I laughed while getting out my pajamas. She left a few minutes later and went into her and Lou`s room. I put on my pajamas and there was a knock on the door. "It`s open."I said. Then Harry walked in. "Um I need to talk to you."He said.






A/N:)   <3333333333



Heyy guys! So tell me what you think. If you don`t like it don`t be afraid to tell me. I won`t take it personally. I won` show up at your house and kill you or anythin cuz that ain`t how I roll! Lol! Okay anyways If you read it PLEASE leave a comment on how it is and how i can make it better. K luv ya. Bye now!                         ;) <333

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