Meg is different, wierd, she believes in magic and spirts and is never what the girls in her class say "like totally in fashion". She and her best friend Silver always ignored them, but things changed when Silver died, she became depressed and lost all hope, but her "silver" lining comes when she see's her spirt, and they develop a whloe new friendship begins, until Dan, popular and mysterious boy stops them.......


1. I'm different

Ugh, school, don't you just hate it? With all the mean girls, bullys, homework, the judgemental teachers and worst of all Dan. Where do i begin to explain about him? I've known him for years and i've faniced him for, well, its been so long i can't even remember, but he also bullies me like everyone else. People look at me wierdly, well i do stand out with all my ear piercings and nose piercing, and oh yeah, my pink hair that comes downto my waist. But my best friend is like that to, but her hair is boring and just plain black, but she does have it dip-dyed green. But she has been mean to me today by beening ill and leaving me alone. Today felt wierd without her, like theres a constant chill in the air of a new spirit has disturbed my school, actually that Em, the queen of the school. Is it just me or does anyone else have a girl in their school who you use to be best friends with and now you don't even talk? Well that's us. As i walked home after a long, hard day without Silver, it was wierd, i mean, i don't walk home with Silver, but i felt more alone than ever. As turned in to my road, a cold, bitter wind passed through me and then i walked into my house.

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