The Mistake I Made

Hi my names Julie. I am only 17 years old and work at Holmes Chapel bakery, yes the one that the one and only Harry Styles used to work at, emphasis on the “used to”. I am a huge One Direction fan and so is my best friend Mina which makes us even closer. We always hope that maybe one day he might walk in to check in to see the shop, but that hasn’t happened for the past year.
(Recommended for Mature readers)


17. What Was That?!?!

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“Bye Harry” I whispered to him leaving him with a kiss on the lips and a hug. As I walked out his door I slipped on my sunglasses and headed over to Zayns.  I pulled up to his house leaving my stuff in my car and walked to his door. I didn’t see any paparazzi’s outside his house unlike at Harrys. I knocked on the door and waited a bit for him to answer. It took a couple minutes but he finally did. He looked distraught and tired. I immediately pulled him into a huge hug as he shut the door. I could feel how sad he was and you could definitely tell he wasn’t managing the break up too well. He hadn’t shaved in a while you could see his stubble on his jaw line, his usual quiff was down, he had his glasses on and was wearing sweats and a hoodie pull over. “How you holding up bud?” I had to ask even though he didn’t look the best.

“Not too well as you can see by my appearance, but slowly getting better. Friday was terrible.” He told me and I put my arm around his shoulder and rubbed his arm.

“Are you hungry at all? You look like you haven’t eaten much” I asked

“Yeah my appetite hasn’t been that great and sure I’ll take something”. I walked over to his fridge and couldn’t find anything that would do him good. We needed comfort food.

“How about we dine in?” I asked him and he shrugged his shoulders which I took as a yes and proceeded to order in Chinese food. My favorite!


We continued eating Chinese food for a little while longer. Julie coming over really did help a lot. I was feeling much better and decided to start cracking some jokes that made her adorable laugh become audible again which made me smile. Whenever I thought of her or spoke to her I was almost instantly in a better mood. And then I hit me. Perrie and I weren’t talking too much over the past couple months and when we did she seemed more distant, not as into the relationship. But, when Julie came over to Harry’s last week I felt something inside of me, like my heart skipped a beat at the sight of her. We didn’t get a chance to talk too much with each other but after the events of the past week we have. I have seen her in such a vulnerable state and a confident state; I’ve heard her laugh and cry, and I’ve seen her truly happy and sad. Most importantly I started developing feelings towards. I have to tell her at some point today I reminded myself. “So how was staying the night at Harry’s” I asked her

“Oh it was fun we went swimming well hot tubbing and he ran me a hot bath!” but then I saw her face drop slightly. “But he also told me when you guys are leaving for tour. You guys are leaving in a month?” all I could do was slowly nod my head.

“But we have a full month maybe even more you can still hang out with us. And after you graduate soon maybe you could come along for some shows?” I told her.

“That’d be cool, but I doubt my parents would let me go because we’ll probably be touring college campuses. When are you guys going to be in America?” she asked. I couldn’t help but notice her pink lips that looked so soft and so kissable, but I had to snap myself out of it, she was happily with Harry.

“Throughout Summer! Are there any colleges in America you applied to and got accepted into?” she waited a moment then nodded her head and spoke “Boston university, I love Boston it’s so pretty. That’s my main one” a smile grew across my face. “Well we will be in Massachusetts and the East Coast for a couple days”

“Seriously?! Will you come with me? To look at the campus?” she asked.

“Sure if I can I will” I said with a smile, and I’ll be sure to make it happen.

A couple hours later Julie started getting her stuff and told me she had to go. “Thanks Julie, so much” I told her.

“You’re welcome” she said back with a smile

“It really helped me a lot as you can probably tell” I told her and she smiled happy that she could do what she did. “And I need to tell you something.” I started I could feel myself getting nervous like my stomach was in my throat “I –uh – I like you, like a lot” I finally got out and she looked like she wasn’t sure how to react considering she was dating one of my best friends. “Uhm I have to go” she said and walked out of my house leaving me standing alone in the doorway.

The second she left from her car I slammed the door shut “DAMN IT” I yelled and hit the wall with my fist. God I knew that was a stupid decision. “UGH” I was so mad. I walked up stairs into the bathroom to take a shower to calm me down but while waiting for the shower to heat up I punched the wall. “I’M SUCH AN IDIOT” I said one last time and stepped into the shower. It definitely calmed me down a little bit but I decided just to go to sleep. I still couldn’t stop thinking about her which just irked me a bit more. I decided not to text her throughout the week because I felt like it would just be awkward. Instead I would wait for her to talk to me.

Wednesday was the first day Julie talked to me since I told her. ‘Hey Zayn I’m really sorry about Sunday…I guess  I was just kind of shocked…’ a feeling of relief swarmed over me that she didn’t feel like we shouldn’t talk anymore. I kind of felt bad about liking her since she was dating Harry, but to be honest it is kind of hard not to. It took me a while to respond. I wasn’t sure how to reply to that ‘It’s alright. I guess I shouldn’t have told you’ I sent and she just didn’t reply. Even though we weren’t speaking I could sense the awkwardness.

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