The Mistake I Made

Hi my names Julie. I am only 17 years old and work at Holmes Chapel bakery, yes the one that the one and only Harry Styles used to work at, emphasis on the “used to”. I am a huge One Direction fan and so is my best friend Mina which makes us even closer. We always hope that maybe one day he might walk in to check in to see the shop, but that hasn’t happened for the past year.
(Recommended for Mature readers)


15. Sleepover!


Mina went home later that day and stayed at home cleaning up the house, doing homework, and watching TV. All of a sudden my phone started ringing and I didn’t bother looking at the caller ID since my screen was a little fuzzy from the lunch incident that took place the other day. “Hello” I answered.

“Hey babe” it was Harry.

“Hi” I said while smiling.

“I want you to come over tonight and spend the night” he asked.

“Ok” I looked at my Ihome speaker clock on my nightstand that read 6:45. “I’ll be over at 7:30 because I have to finish up some things then I’ll head over” I told him.

“Ok see you later, bye Julie” and he hung up.

 I’ve been to Harry’s house once before last week. It was a very nice, modern styled house with five bedrooms, four baths, and a master suite. It had a large kitchen where he could cook in and a home theatre too. He had two living spaces, a dining room, and a pool in his backyard with a hot tub. I started packing everything I could possibly need: pajamas, sweats, sports bra, regular bra, deodorant, shampoo, make-up, running shorts, a t-shirt, a bikini, and an outfit for tomorrow. I finished up my homework and loaded my car to get ready to go to Harry’s. I pulled up to his house around 7:40 since I didn’t end up leaving mine till 7:30 alone. I pulled up into his drive way and took my bag out from the passenger seat and slid my sunglasses on (even though it wasn’t sunny) and walked up to his front door. There were a few paparazzi’s outside his house and began snapping photos but they couldn’t see my face so it was all good. Once I got to his front door I knocked and he answered and wrapped his arm around my shoulder and pulled me inside his lovely home. “Where do you want me to put my stuff?” I asked and he grabbed my hand and pulled my upstairs into the master suite. It was HUGE but absolutely gorgeous the way it was styled and laid out. There was a king sized bed with a large dark wooden headboard and no base board but a black cushioned storage seat at the end. Above the head board there was a window where you could look out and the city since it was outside the busy streets. He had dark wood dressers to give his room a more modern chic look. There was a fireplace and a flat screen TV right above it across the bed so you could lie down and watch TV. He dropped my bag on the end of his bed and noticed me looking around his room. “You like it?” he asked and I nodded my head eagerly showing that I loved it more than ‘liked’ it. But the master bath was a whole other thing. It had a porcelain white bathtub under another window where you could look at the city streets. He had an awfully large shower too. It had glass doors surrounding the inside covered with blue, teal, and green tiles. He had a rain over head shower head and jets from the sides and a regular shower head too.

“How come you don’t stay in here?” I asked him since last time I was here and he took me into a room he took me into a much smaller less modernized room that looked as though it could be in my house.

“I don’t like sleeping in here alone” he said while looking down to his feet. “But I still don’t usually sleep here if someone spends the night unless they’re special” he told me walking closer.

“So what were you planning on doing? I brought my swim suit” I told him and he smiled

“Well in that case go put in on!” he chuckled and I took my white bikini out from my bag and went into the master bathroom.

I changed into my bikini which made me look even darker than I was and slipped on Harry’s shirt and a pair of my flip flops that I also brought and met him in the backyard. He was already in the hot tub and waved as I walked out of his back door. I pointed to a tanning chair and he nodded so I set my towel and phone down and kicked off my shoes and took off his shirt. I started walking around the pool and stopped standing in front of the deep end and looked at Harry. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you” he told me but I walked backwards and started running and jumped into the air and did a cannonball into the pool. “Julie you’re crazy!” he told me as I came back up to get air.

“Come in! It’s refreshing!” I lied it was freezing cold but I wouldn’t get out until he came in. He furiously shook his head no protest “I’m not going in the hot tub until you get your ass in here” I told him. Sooner than I expected he stood up out of the hot tub and dove into the pool with me.

“You liar it’s fucking freezing” he told me and I showed him a big smile.

“I know like right now I can’t feel my entire body.”

“Ok it’s too cold let’s go” and he grabbed my waist and swam over to the steps of the pool and carried me to the hot tub.

 We hung out and relaxed in the hot tub for another hour or so and Harry kept kissing and touching me. I was really starting to wonder what had gotten into him lately since he was being so ‘touchy’ you could say, not saying I didn’t like it but it was a little much. After our last kiss he trailed his large hand down my body feeling my curves and rested it on my knee. He slowly moved his hands up my thigh and closer towards the inside and back down. When he got too close I just glared at him. “I think I’m going to get out I’m all pruney and gross” I told him while showing him my hands. “Ok let’s go” he agreed and we dried each other off and went inside. When we got into his room he lied down on his bed and pulled my waist on top of him and I couldn’t help but let out a little scream and laugh. He flipped us over so I was now underneath his and he started tickling me. “Harry stop” I somehow manage I get out in between laughs and he was laughing too. He continued tickling my stomach. He finally stopped but ran out of the room “Oh you’re gonna get it Styles!” I yelled chasing after him. He looked over his shoulder and sped up and he turned to his right after getting down the stairs and ran into the backyard again I still chased after him but he stopped running near the pool. “Why’d you stop?” I asked him

“Because I wanted to do this” he said and picked me up over his shoulder and walked closer to the pool.

“Don’t you dare” I scolded him and the next thing I knew I was in the air and splashing back into the water to hear another one right next to me “Harry Edward Styles! You will pay!” I spat out laughing and swam back over to the edge of the pool and dried off for the second time. I could feel him watching me as he dried off his body too. “What?” I asked.

“What do you mean what?” he replied back with some sass.

“Why are you staring at me?”

“Well I couldn’t just not Julie. I was admiring the fact that I have such a beautiful girlfriend” he said with a smile and wrapped his arms around me again and kissed my cheek.

After that we were both in our pajamas and lying on the bed in the master bedroom in front of the fire and watched a movie I chose. I decided on watching Despicable Me. I absolutely loved that movie and the little minions. My legs were entwined with Harry’s and my head rested on his shoulder. He hand his arm wrapped around my lower back and every once in a while would slide his hand down to the point where it rested on my butt, but I would slap his chest and he’d move his hand back up. Halfway through the movie I could feel my eyelids getting heavier and heavier and soon enough I was fast asleep against Harry’s chest.

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