The Mistake I Made

Hi my names Julie. I am only 17 years old and work at Holmes Chapel bakery, yes the one that the one and only Harry Styles used to work at, emphasis on the “used to”. I am a huge One Direction fan and so is my best friend Mina which makes us even closer. We always hope that maybe one day he might walk in to check in to see the shop, but that hasn’t happened for the past year.
(Recommended for Mature readers)


13. Let's Have Some Fun Here

Julie’s P.O.V

Things were oddly tense feeling between Harry and Zayn. And to be honest I didn’t even expect him to be here either. I kind of hand a sense that Zayn was beginning to form feelings for me by his gestures and the way he texted me seemed flirtatious. There was no way I was going to tell Harry what was going on because Zayn became one of best friends next to Mina and Cameron. He was such a caring person and so was Harry, but I feel like Zayn looked after me like I was fragile or something extremely special to him, because that sure is what it seemed like.

After the awkward greeting we all went into the living room and Niall lay down on the couch and propped himself up using the arm rest of the couch. He patted his stomach signaling Mina to join him and she did as told lying on him and cuddling on the couch. I couldn’t help but let out a laugh from the events that just happened between Harry and me. But I quickly slapped my hand to my mouth in regret of what I just did and Harry shot me a look and bit down on his lower lip retaining himself from bursting into laughter. Zayn sat down in the leather chair next to the couch and slowly giving me a look lifting his legs onto the foot rest in front of the chair. I gave him a confused look back because I was genuinely confused by the seductive look he shot me and it was, but he must have done that unintentionally. Harry sat down in the chair next to Zayn and pulled me onto his lap and wrapped his arms around my waist entwining our fingers. I giggled and he pulled me closer and kissed me. I heard Zayn shuffle I bit in his seat like he seemed uncomfortable and looked down at his phone and quickly got up and said “oh I have to go” and sped walked out the door.

“Um bye” I said in confusion. That was weird I thought to myself and I’m sure everyone else was too.

Niall whispered something into Mina’s ear and she sheepishly giggled and got up from his body and he rose too and he grabbed her hand as she led him into the guest bedroom. “Be Safe!” I yelled out laughing and Mina turned around just before entering flipping me off as I stuck my tongue out back to her. “Well I don’t exactly want to listen in so…” Harry trailed off and I got up and we walked up the stairs and entered my room.

“Well I definitely didn’t expect Mina to do that with Niall yet” I laughed.

Harry replied “ya you seemed more outgoing when I first met you two and you stopped me” he chuckled and I playfully slapped him in the chest. “Ow” he jokingly whined rubbing the spot where I hit him. “Do you still have my shirt?” he asked me.

“Yeah I don’t think I gave it back to you” he gently smirked and I walked over to my drawer to find it. Should I tease him, or not I asked myself and I smirked we’re gonna have some fun here. I slowly bent over to open the lowest drawer of my dresser and opened it not finding the shirt.


She slowly walked over to her dresser swaying her hips back and forth that I couldn’t help but admire and I smiled to myself to know I had such a stunning girlfriend. Julie continued and bent down giving me a full on view of her ass, god damn it I felt myself get hard again and she told me it wasn’t in there and continued looking through her drawers carefully moving her hips. She was teasing me, she obviously had no knowledge on what she does to me and she made her way over to her closet and pulled out the shirt off of the rail in her closet and held it over her body and pretended to model it making silly faces that made me laugh but I still had my hands over my crotch area so she couldn’t see my bulge. That would be awkward. “Put it on” I told her and she started walking towards her bathroom. “No” I told her.

“What do you mean?” she asked and I just smiled; now I get to take control. I held out my finger and signaled her to come towards me. She was still gripping my signature ‘Hipsta Please’ shirt and she stopped in front of me. I smiled down at her and lifted her arms up and pealed her shirt off of her torso and took mine from her hands but stood there admiring her and looked up to her face, threw the shirt to the side, and crashed my lips onto her. She eagerly kissed back. She broke the kiss and gave me a look like ‘I did it your turn’ and I took off my shirt too and we were pretty much the same as we were earlier today. She pushed me back onto her bed and I slid up so my curls were touching the edge of her pillows and she slowly crawled over me as I watched in awe. Julie stopped right above my face and I asked her “when are your parents getting home?” she stopped and sat on my stomach to think and replied with a grin and inching closer to my face “well actually they aren’t coming home until next Wednesday that’s why I got the IPhone as a gift before they left and they took my sister with them,” she whispered with each word coming closer to my face. At the end of her sentence her lips were just hovering above mine and I grabbed her bum and she gasped but closed the distance between us.

We kissed for a long while but I realized it’s a good enough time to ask for entry. After our last breath I slid my tongue against her lower lip and she opened her mouth allowing me in. Things escalated after that she unblocked my belt and I unbuttoned her skinny jeans. She left soft kisses down my body again and back up to my mouth. She fidgeted with my pants button and zipper but eventually undid both and slid them off and I was left just in my boxers while she was in her bra and undone jeans. I continuously moved my hands along her entire body and I could tell she liked the feeling and I smiled again to myself. At one point she decided to take control and started touch my body too. Her small hands were lingering the band of my boxers and I wanted her to slide her hand down lower for me. And she did just skim it and I let out a loud moan which made her jump a bit since she wasn’t expecting me to be that ‘in need’ I guess you could say. She slid her hands down my thighs and legs and my body continuously tensed and relaxed. “You like that?” she quietly whispered into my ear while putting kisses down my neck which only made me want her more and feel her every inch of her skin. I slipped her jeans off and she kicked them to the side of her bed and I then firmly gripped her toned bum and slid one of my hands down her smooth legs and rubbed them up and down continuously as her head tilted back off of me.

Things got more heated and she ended up lying on top of me without her bra and her arms wrapped around my neck sound asleep. It was nearly 10:30 and I slid her off of me and put on my pants and made my way downstairs to the other couple cuddling and watching a movie on the couch. I sat down in the cold leather chair that cooled off my skin and joined them. Niall soon got up and kissed Mina on the cheek and left to the bathroom. “So how was it?” I asked Mina.

“Uh excuse me?” she replied.

“You know you and Niall” I continued I was curious what could I say? “Did you guys do it?” she looked at me in utter shock and slight disgust like what kind of person fucking asks this

“Um no we didn’t, not all the way” she told me and I just nodded and started walking away.

“What about you and Julie huh? We could hear you” she darted back at me and I froze. They fucking heard us my god that’s embarrassing!  “No, no we didn’t” I slowly turned around to see her smirking obviously she knew she had embarrassed me.

“See it is weird” she told me while crossing her arms.

“Oh if we did it would’ve been a hell of a lot louder hun” I said with a wink and left her with her jaw dropped. 

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