The Mistake I Made

Hi my names Julie. I am only 17 years old and work at Holmes Chapel bakery, yes the one that the one and only Harry Styles used to work at, emphasis on the “used to”. I am a huge One Direction fan and so is my best friend Mina which makes us even closer. We always hope that maybe one day he might walk in to check in to see the shop, but that hasn’t happened for the past year.
(Recommended for Mature readers)


3. Kiss Me


Julie had such a beautiful voice and we sounded amazing together. Would it be possible to fall in love with a girl you just met a total of 10 minutes ago? Because I am pretty sure I am. Her eyes, her hair, her body, her laugh, her personality, her voice was all just perfect to me.  “But isn't she lovely made from love” I sang to her and meant it. I looked her straight in the eyes and sang she stopped singing that line though, but I finished it. I had the urge to kiss her so badly right then and there, but I knew I couldn’t do that. After our moment I decided I would give her my number. Hopefully we’ll hang out soon maybe even tonight.  “We should hangout sometime. You could bring Mina too and I’ll bring the boys so we could all be friends!” I told her. Maybe more than friends.


“We should hangout sometime…” WHAT! That’s all I heard not sure of what else he said after that, but I was happy and excited. “Well it was nice meeting you two, Mina, Julie” he said smiling and I checked back into reality once he said my name.

After he walked out of the shop I looked at Mina and said “Well that went well!”

“Oh that went a little more than well I would say!” she said back and we both started laughing.

“I think I’ll text him once we close so 2 more hours UGHH” I groaned “hopefully it goes quickly!”  Mina said back cheerily.

The next 2 hours went by very slow and not much happened at all. After Mina and I closed the shop we went back to my house “Mom! Dad! Mina’s here and we might go out tonight!” I yelled to make sure they could hear me. “Okay sweetie have fun!” my mom replied. “Let’s go up to my room” I told Mina and we made our way upstairs into my room.

My room is a light shade of baby blue covering the walls, I have a queen sized bed in the middle of my room and a night table to the right. My dresser is a light colored wood across from my bed with a bookshelf next to it made of the same material, and a body mirror to the other side of my dresser and my closet took up the other wall. I have a little nook area by a window that was also used as a seating area. The floor is hard wood so there is an area rug peeking out from under my bed.

Once we got into my room I pulled out my phone. “Should I?” I looked to Mina; she’s always good at knowing what to do.

“YES!” she replied excitedly.

“K” ‘Hey Harry, it’s me Julie. From the bakery (:’ is what I texted and hit sent and almost immediately I got a reply ‘Hey Julie :)’. “What do I say back?” I asked Mina almost worriedly.

“Umm just say what you would say if you were texting me.”

“Uh how about no. I’m not gonna be all like OMG GUESS WHAT HAPPENED TO ME TODAY”

“Not like exactly I mean like just ask like what he’s doing or something”

“Oh I took that a little too seriously” I laughed. ‘What’s up? I’m just hanging out with Mina’ I typed and showed Mina the text “Good? Or too pushy like OMG I’m so bored you should invite us somewhere”

“Just ask ‘What’s up’ so then he asks you, more of a conversation”. And I did as told and like she predicted he told me he wasn’t doing much and asked me ‘Not much just hanging with Mina’

“So what do you want to do instead of watching me text Harry” I giggled.

“Uh I don’t know”

“I know we have like –“ *Baby you light up my world like nobody else* my ringtone sang. Who would be calling me, no one  ever calls me except my parents. “Julie I would answer that if I were you” Mina said looking at the caller I.D

“Hello?” I said into my phone

“Hi Julie” Harry said and I could tell he was smiling, and I started smiling on the phone and Mina gave me a look that just read ‘GIRLLLL YOU GOT IT BAD’ and I started laughing because of her expression and I could hear Harry giggle on the other line; it was adorable. “I wanted to know if you wanted to come over to my place tonight you could bring Mina if you want”

“Okay thanks for the invite! What time do you want us to come over at?” I said while looking over at Mina. And her eyes got wide and she got the biggest smile on her face.

“Um how about I’ll pick you two at 5:30, and you can stay as late as you want”.

“Okay I’ll see you then; I’ll text you my address”

“Sounds good. See you then” he said

“Yup” I replied. After we hung up Mina and I looked at each other and started smiling and Mina practically screamed in joy. “So he’s going to pick us up at 5:30.” I told her while texting Harry my address so he could pick us up.

“K you should probably tell your parents.”  

“Oh yea! Thanks I almost forgot” so I ran off to go tell my Mom.

“Okay have fun, and your curfew is 12 and make sure Mina tells her parents too”

“Okay I will Mom thanks” I said and hugged her. “Mina she said it was okay and make sure you tell your parents too, and we just have to be home by 12. Oh and you can spend the night instead of going home at like 1.”

“Okay thanks Juls” and she went to go call her parents. “They said I was fine and I can spend the night”

“WOOO” I said raising both my arms in celebration. I looked at the clock, 3:30 we have 2 hours to get ready better start now. I went into the bathroom and plugged in my three finger crimp and flat iron to heat up. “How are you doing your hair?” Mina asked from down the hall

“I’m going to flat iron it then crimp it so it turns out better” I replied.

“Ok I’ll straighten mine” and I went back into my room so we could start picking out clothes.

It took us 30 minutes just to find an outfit. Mina was going to wear black leggings with a cheetah printed flowy shirt, it had elastic around the waist but loose around the body, and my brown boots that had a slight heel. She was going to look amazing. I was going to wear leggings as well and a loose blue blouse with a white bandeau and a pair of black Ugg boots. After figuring our outfits out we both went into the bathroom. While one of us did our hair the other did makeup. Mina first did her hair and I did my makeup. I decided to put on a minimal amount of foundation, mascara, and a light lip gloss that made my lips shine. Once Mina finished her hair we switched rolls: she did her makeup and I did my hair. I first re-straightened my hair which took about ten minutes and it was 4:30 now. I then started crimping my hair Mina was done putting on her makeup because she only put on mascara and curled her eyelashes it was all she needed anyways. She then went and got changed; she looked absolutely amazing! I finally finished my hair at 5; only 30 minutes till Harry would be here. I started to get some butterflies in my stomach just thinking about him. I got changed and was finally ready for him. “Julie you look gorgeous!” Mina complimented me

“Well so do you Mina! You look stunning!” and we both smiled.

5:25 “Ok I think we should get our excitement out now Mina” I told her so we both started jumping around and running around my room so we didn’t flip out in front of Harry. At exactly 5:30 I heard a knock at my front door and I ran downstairs as fast as I possibly could because I knew it was Harry. “Bye Mom, bye Dad!” I yelled to tell them

“Bye Julie have fun, remember your curfew!” my Dad said walking over to me and giving me a hug.

I opened the door to find Harry standing there looking perfect even though he was in only in a t-shirt and basketball shorts. He smiled at me and I could feel my face getting hot. “Hi Mina. Hi Julie” he said.

“Hey Harry” Mina and I both replied in unison.

“Well let’s get going” he told us and we made our way to his car. I can’t believe this is happening to me! I must be dreaming. So I pinched myself “Ow!” I exclaimed a little too loudly. Mina started laughing because she saw the whole thing and realized why I did it. Harry on the other hand not so much.

“What happened are you ok?” he sounded almost worried. 

“Oh I’m fine just stubbed my toe” I lied hoping he would believe it. Once he got into his car I started to get into the back seat with Mina but Harry stopped me and told me to sit up front with him. I looked at Mina to make sure it was ok and she approved so I happily took the passenger seat and sat next to him. “Can I turn on the radio? If that’s alright with you?” I asked. I really hope that didn’t sound awkward.

“Yeah, and don’t be afraid to sing if you like the song. I really like your voice” I couldn’t help but blush at that statement so I looked down at my feet with a grin on my face.

Once we got to his place I noticed there were other cars parked outside. Holy crap. Mina and I are about to meet One Direction. When we walked into Harry’s there were the other four gorgeous, unmistakable faces of Louis, Niall, Liam and Zayn.  I could see all of their eyes draw their attention towards Mina and I and I felt awkward immediately. “Hi, I’m Julie” I squeaked out of my mouth and heard them all reply by saying their names and greeting me back. I looked at Mina waiting for her to say something, but she is a naturally shy person so I spoke up by saying “And this is my best friend Mina”.

“Well hello there Mina” Niall said to her with a smile and she blushed. All I could think of was ‘ooooh Minaa and Niallll, Miall or Nina’.

We had dinner at Harry’s and he cooked it was absolutely delicious. Once it got a little later into the night we all got more comfortable around each other and were having a great time laughing and goofing around. At about 8:30 Liam and Louis both left to spend time with their girlfriends Danielle and Eleanor. And a little later Zayn left too to go home to his family since Perrie, his girlfriend, was on tour with her band. And then there were four… I thought to myself and looked around the room to just me, Mina, Niall, and Harry.

“It’s only 9. Do you want to watch a movie? Or play a game?” Niall suggested.

“Movie” Harry replied almost immediately and I giggled which made him smile. Movie equals cuddling, I’m good with watching a movie.



                THANK YOU NIALL. Now I can make my move on Julie. I have to be slick. It’s go time.



When Mina walked through Harry’s front door I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. She was stunning.  “It’s only 9. Do you want to watch a movie? Or play a game?” I suggested to Julie, Mina, and Harry.  “Movie” Harry replied awfully quickly. He must have a similar idea in mind. “Sure” Mina and Julie both agreed. Yes. We let the girls pick out the movie and they chose ‘Up’.



Julie and I both decided on ‘Up’. It’s our favorite movie. Julie loved the movie so much because Mr. Fredricksen and his wife reminded her of her grandparents.  She always cried in the beginning because when Mrs. Fredricksen died she reminded her of Julie’s grandma who passed away when she was 11. I could see her trying to hold back tears snuggled next to Harry and he was comforting her, they were adorable together. All of a sudden I could feel a strong, comforting arm wrap around me and I looked up to see Niall’s beautiful, bright blue eyes looking straight into mine. It was the most perfect moment I ever experienced in my life. The next thing I knew he started leaning towards my face and I started to learn closer to his, and I felt his warm, soft lips crash into mine. I felt safe and comfortable in his arms. It was a feeling I would never get tired of and I believed it. 

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