The Mistake I Made

Hi my names Julie. I am only 17 years old and work at Holmes Chapel bakery, yes the one that the one and only Harry Styles used to work at, emphasis on the “used to”. I am a huge One Direction fan and so is my best friend Mina which makes us even closer. We always hope that maybe one day he might walk in to check in to see the shop, but that hasn’t happened for the past year.
(Recommended for Mature readers)


5. It's a Plan


After we talked for a little longer it was time for Mina and me to go so we could be home on time. Mina and Niall said goodbye with a kiss and hug, so I guess they have a thing now, and I said by to Niall too since he had his own car and had to go home also. Harry grabbed my hand and we walked to his car I couldn’t help but smile being with him. We got into his car and I felt bad for Mina since I had to leave her in the back seat while I sat in the passenger seat again. The entire ride home Harry held me hand tightly but comforting in his. “This was fun” I told him.

“Yeah it was” he smiled. The next thing I knew we were already pulling up to my driveway. He walked me up to my door, which I thought was cute, and right before I opened the door he kissed me one last time before he had to leave. This kiss was different it felt like we were frozen in time and it was just us two in our own world. It was more passionate and I could tell he cared about me and didn’t want to leave me.

“AH hem” I heard Mina clear her throat to get our attention. I pulled away and started laughing but told Mina I was sorry. She was fine with it.

“Bye Harry” I told him and gave him and peck on the lips and a big hug.

“Bye Julie” he said and returned the hug. “Bye Mina” and he gave her a hug too.

We waved goodbye to him and walked in my house. 11:59 perfect timing. And there was my dad sitting on his chair waiting for us to come home. “Hi girls, how was it” he asked us

“It was great” we both told him.

“Anything I need to know? Like why you are wearing a different shirt than the one you left in?” he asked very suspiciously.

“I wanted to change into a more comfortable shirt since we watched a movie at his house that’s all. Don’t worry. Mina and I are going to go up to my room now.”

“Ok you two have fun” he replied. We could stay up as late as we wanted and sleep in as late as we wanted since tomorrow was Sunday and we didn’t work. Once we got to my room we got changed into pajamas and sat on my bed.

“So Mina, you have some explaining to do” I told her while smiling and nudging her side. She immediately started smiling at the thought of Niall I’m guessing.

“Well let’s just say we hit it off pretty well” she replied with a smile and wink.

“Oh please Mina I saw you two during the movie.”

“Okay well he didn’t say anything that made it official, but he told me he has some feelings for me and I told him the same, so maybe it will be official a little later.”

“Maybe we could hang out with them tomorrow again since we don’t have to work?” I asked Mina.

“Yeah! That would be great!” so I pulled out my phone and started texting Harry ‘do you want to hang out tomorrow? Like me, you, Niall, and Mina?’ ‘Sure babe sounds great xx’ and I couldn’t help but start smiling at my phone and showed it to Mina and she started smiling too. ‘What time? We don’t have work.’ ‘Whenever you want :)’ ‘Ok I’ll text you when we get up. (:’ ‘See you tomorrow Juls, have a goodnight sleep xx’ After Harry texted me that I put my phone away and looked to Mina. “We are going to hang out with them tomorrow, just Niall and Harry.”

“Ok” she replied with a big smile.


"So Niall I think you like Mina a bit?” I asked him.

“Yeah, I think I like her more than a bit” Niall replied with a smile.

“So, I made plans to hang out with them tomorrow. I’m guessing you’re happy about that Nialler?”

“You got that right. I just can’t stop thinking about her even though it has only been about an hour” he said back wide eyed.

We continued talking about the girls for a little longer then I told him the plan for our week. Monday we would be in the studio, Tuesday we have a promo, Wednesday photo shoot, Thursday and Friday in the studio again, and Saturday and Sunday we have a break. Judging from our schedules and both Mina and Julie are in school we would really only be able to see each other on the weekends, sadly. So Niall and I made up a plan on what we would do tomorrow. Niall suggested an amusement park even though I’m not too fond of rollercoasters, but I agreed since I thought it would be fun to spend time with Julie that way. After we are done with the amusement and then bring them home since they have school at 8:30 tomorrow morning. If they didn’t have school I would have planned on staying with them a lot later.



I shot out of my bed at exactly 7:15 and woke up Mina so we could start getting ready for our day out with Harry and Niall. I wasn’t too hungry so I skipped breakfast and I could feel the butterflies in my stomach for going to see Harry again. Just the thought of him I got excited and began to smile. After Mina finished eating we both went upstairs and picked out clothes to wear. I chose a white blouse that had a few ruffles by the V-shaped neck line and was button up with designed leggings and a few accessories. Mina chose leggings again since they’re so comfortable and a turquoise lose flowing top to go with it. When Mina got into the shower I texted Harry to tell him a few more hours so we would end up leaving around 10 and he replied back saying ‘alright can’t wait to see you guys again (:’.  Every time he texted I couldn’t help but smile and I replied back saying me too. Right then Mina came out from the shower and we switched so I could take mine. I was debating whether I should or shouldn’t wash my hair because I wanted to spend the most time I possible could with Harry. I decided not to so my shower could be quicker I quickly threw my hair in a bun and stepped into the shower. After I finished showering I threw on my undergarments, brushed my teeth and walked into my room to finish getting dressed. Mina was already done changing so she went back into the bathroom to do her makeup and hair. She straightened her hair and but on a couple coats of mascara like she always does. I loosely curled my hair and put on foundation and mascara.

Once we were ready I called Harry to tell him we were done getting ready.


 My phone started ringing and I picked it up almost immediately hoping it was Julie and it was and I could feel myself smiling while talking to her. She told me her and Mina were ready so Niall and I went to go pick them up. When we got to her house her father answered the door and I had a feeling he was going to ask me questions about myself and I was right. He asked both Niall and I about ourselves and told us about Mina and Julie and how they have been best friends since they were 9. I think he liked me or at least hoped he did. Julie’s dad, Mark was his name, went up to go and get the girls for us after we finished talking. Both of the girls looked beautiful and I looked over to see Niall smiling at Mina and she ran straight into his arms as if they haven’t seen each other for months. “They’re so cute” I heard Julie whisper to me. I didn’t realize how quietly she came over it almost scared me when she whispered into my ear. I wanted to kiss her so badly right there and I think her dad could realize it and I heard him clear his throat and say “Well you guys have fun today and don’t be back too late, Julie. And make sure Mina gets home safely too.” Julie went to say goodbye and gave her dad a hug and then we left to go on our ‘date’. 

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