The Mistake I Made

Hi my names Julie. I am only 17 years old and work at Holmes Chapel bakery, yes the one that the one and only Harry Styles used to work at, emphasis on the “used to”. I am a huge One Direction fan and so is my best friend Mina which makes us even closer. We always hope that maybe one day he might walk in to check in to see the shop, but that hasn’t happened for the past year.
(Recommended for Mature readers)


2. Freak Out


Thank god I didn’t wear those sweats I said to myself. “Why hello how may I help you?” I said to Harry with a huge smile trying to contain myself.

“I was coming in to see how things were. Er not too busy huh?” Oh my gosh this can’t be happening I’m talking with Harry Styles.

“Yeah, slow business day strangely”

“Saturday’s were usually the busiest when I worked here” he said back.

“Still is, just not today I guess” I laughed.

“You have a cute laugh” he said with a cheeky grin.

“Thanks” I said, I could feel myself blushing ‘Crap I’m blushing’ so I looked down the gross tile floor of the bakery.

“Back to why I was here I wanted to take a little trip down memory lane ya know? Luckily I did" he winked “Could I Go in the back? If that’s ok.” 

Was he flirting with me? “Yeah that’s fine, one sec.”

I practically ran into the back room to tell Mina all about it, and pushed open the door  to get back and found her on the floor. “Mina oh my gosh! I’m sorry I didn’t realize you were there! Wait, were you spying?” I questioned.

“Uh…Maybe” she said through her smile. We both looked at each other and knew exactly what we were doing in our minds: Freaking Out.

“So it’s ok if he comes back here right?”

“Yup” Mina said. And I went back out to get Harry.

“Follow me” I told him and gestured with my hand to follow him, and he did as told.

“So what’s your name, I’m Harry” he said.


“Julie, that’s pretty” he said quietly but I could hear him, and I smiled. I’m blushing, again, damn it. When Harry and I walked into the back Mina was standing there smiling at me, obviously she saw me blushing, “what” I said.

“Oh nothing” she replied with a smile.

“Harry, this is Mina, my best friend and co-worker I guess you could say.” 

“Hi Mina, It’s lovely to meet you.” Harry said a put his hand out for a handshake.


I couldn't stop looking at Harry, I guess I just couldn’t believe this is happening. “Hi Mina, it’s lovely to meet you.” He told me and offered a handshake, so I eagerly, maybe too eager, accepted and shook his large hand. After that he just started looking around the back probably brought back memories. “Isn’t she lovely, isn’t she wonderful” I turned to look at Julie and we both looked to Harry, he was singing. It was angelic, I was melting inside.


Harry Styles is freaking singing right next to me and keeps looking over to me, how am I not freaking out. His voice was very soothing and calmed me down, but it really gave me the urge to start singing. Mina started walking towards me oh no she’s gonna tell me to start singing with him. Nope not gonna happen. “Julie sing with him” she whispered in my ear. I furiously shook my head signaling a big NO, but she was being persistent, and I gave in. “Isn't she precious Less than one minute old” we harmonized. “I never thought through love we'd be making one as lovely as she” we sang again. It was almost as if something just clicked between us when we were singing in the back, as if Mina wasn’t even there, as if we were in OUR own world with just the two of us. “But isn't she lovely made from love” Harry sang the last line looking straight into my eyes and I swear I could have died right then and there in front of him. 

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