The Mistake I Made

Hi my names Julie. I am only 17 years old and work at Holmes Chapel bakery, yes the one that the one and only Harry Styles used to work at, emphasis on the “used to”. I am a huge One Direction fan and so is my best friend Mina which makes us even closer. We always hope that maybe one day he might walk in to check in to see the shop, but that hasn’t happened for the past year.
(Recommended for Mature readers)


9. Ew. School.


After that Harry, Niall, and Mina all stayed a little bit longer, but eventually left around 9 since Mina and I had school and Harry and Niall had work. Ugh school. That word just made me upset. I absolutely hated school. People were mean to me and bullied me throughout my life. This year I was so happy it was my last year of high school and I could get away from this hell hole. I dreaded waking up in the morning to go to school and I know people are going to give me crap about hanging out with Harry and Niall. I just hope they don’t attack Mina like they do to me. This was such a great weekend I just can’t wait for this year to end in 2 months hopefully they go by quickly.

*beep, beep, beep* my alarm went off and I woke up and checked my phone. ‘Morning babe (: xx Harry’ my phone read and I couldn’t help but smile and think today’s gonna be good I replied back to him and wished him a good day at work. I got an answer almost immediately saying ‘and I hope you have a good day at school love (:’ the only thing I could think of replying was ‘I’ll try’ and I started getting ready. I drank a protein drink for breakfast, like usual, and went back upstairs to start getting ready for school. I threw on a blue and grey striped sweater, jeans, and a grey beanie. I slipped on my grey vans and grabbed my headphones to put in my backpack and left to go pick up Mina.

After I picked up Mina we headed to Starbucks then school. I could feel everyone giving me looks as I walked into school and felt really uncomfortable so I grabbed Mina’s hand and started walking faster straight to our first hour class. I didn’t want to talk to anyone in that moment. More people started filing into class slowly. Then my friend Cameron came in and sat next to me. He’s the friend that can annoy you but is a really good person to talk to and vent. But, the only thing I could do was put my face into my hands and just sat there praying he wouldn’t try to talk to me since I was not in the mood at all. “HI JULIEEEE” he said while poking my arm.

“Hi Cameron.” I said very unenthusiasticly with a fake smile hoping he would get the message.

“So, you and Harry” he began. Ah shit here comes to crap.

“Mhm.” I said.

“Are you guys like a thing?” he asked. I know Harry asked me to be his girlfriend and I said it to a few fans but I mean like were we really a thing because we just met. “I guess” I replied and sat up.

“Oh ok. You know how much shit you’re gonna get today, right? Because I know you get some for absolutely nothing which makes absolutely no sense whatsoever."

“Yea, I know, sadly. I was especially dreading today because of Veronica, Francesca, Lindsey, and Brittany. Ya know?” I told him.

“Yea, oh speak of the devil” he told me and looked towards the door. Great, just great. I swallowed and sat up pretending not to notice them. They all started walking towards me and Brittany pushed all my stuff off of my desk and Lindsey pushed me in my chair and moved past. That wasn't too bad I thought to myself. But then the she devil herself walked right up to me and got up in my face and said “Slut”. And I just slid lower into my seat. “I hope you understand that he’s just going to use you as a hook up partner Julie. And of course you gave into it since you’re a hoe.” Veronica told me. Why was she saying this I haven’t even slept with anybody and I've only had one boyfriend before during my freshman year till the middle of junior year and we didn't go further than kissing, but people make up rumors and that’s when the names really started coming. And I dress pretty conservative compared to her shirt with her boobs hanging out all over the place. I really needed to gain some confidence and just yell back at her and stand up for myself and all the other people she has victimized, but in this moment I just felt so small and weak. “You know you’re just another one of his bitches, you hoe” she said and walked away. I wanted to start crying right then and there, but I couldn't and I wouldn't let myself breakdown at school. The day just begun, but I know this only the beginning of a very, very long week.

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