The Mistake I Made

Hi my names Julie. I am only 17 years old and work at Holmes Chapel bakery, yes the one that the one and only Harry Styles used to work at, emphasis on the “used to”. I am a huge One Direction fan and so is my best friend Mina which makes us even closer. We always hope that maybe one day he might walk in to check in to see the shop, but that hasn’t happened for the past year.
(Recommended for Mature readers)


14. Break Up


I walked back upstairs to find Julie wrapped in her bed sheets. She must’ve been cold obviously since she was only wearing her underwear. I took my pants off again and crawled into bed next to her and wrapped my arms around her and fell asleep holding her in my arms.

~The Next Day~

I guess Niall slept over too and he and Mina stayed in the guest room since Julie and I occupied her bedroom. I woke up to find Julie not in my arms but saw her standing in front of her dresser picking out clothes to wear for the day before she got into the shower. She was still just in her underwear and I couldn’t help but smile at the sight and admired her back side and her long, dark brown hair reaching right below the middle of her back. “Good morning love” I spoke up and told her. “Morning Styless” she told her words lingered on 'styles' and I smiled. She held her clothes up to her chest to cover herself and turned around “I’m gonna hop in the shower so if you want to make yourself breakfast feel free to head downstairs, but make enough for all of us!” she exclaimed with a smile. I loved seeing her smile it made me feel happy to know that she was ok. “K babe” I said and got up and started walking towards her and I wrapped my arms around her waist “wear my shirt today” I whispered in her ear.

“Ok” she agreed and walked over to the spot where I tossed it the other night. I grabbed her hand and spun her back into my warm body. “What are you doing?” she asked with a laugh.

“What do you mean?” I asked back.

“Like acting like this, all flirty and intimate and stuff” she told me peering up at my face and I smiled back at her.

“I don’t know you’re just so beautiful and I really enjoyed yesterday” I told her and started kissing down her neck.

“Harry stop I need to take a shower” she told me and wriggled away from my touch which saddened me. She pecked me on the lips and walked away, but I still lingered my hands by her hips and slid them off. She walked into her bathroom and started the shower.

I left the room and went back downstairs to join Mina and Niall and made breakfast. Mina kind of just gave me a glare and Niall came and joined me in the kitchen. “Hey mate morning to ya” he told me.

“Hey Niall what do you want for breakfast?” I asked him.

“um not sure just throw some stuff together” he instructed and I nodded. I scrambled some eggs and put cheese into them and made sausage and bacon with toast that was in the oven to keep warm. After I finished making the meal I heard footsteps come down the stairs and saw Julie with her wet hair up in a bun and wore my shirt that feel loosely off of her shoulders and black exercise pants. I couldn’t help but smile at the sight of her.


After my shower I got dressed and threw my hair in a messy bun. I decided not to put any makeup on since we were probably just going to stay in and not go out anywhere. I could smell the breakfast food and made my way down stairs to see Harry cooking away in the kitchen. He looked up at me and a smile spread across his face. I walked into the kitchen and leaned on the counter “Whatcha cooking?” I asked and he turned to me and pecked my cheek. 

“Oh I just threw a few things together” he replied.

“Oh cool!” I said and made my way over towards Mina.

“Julie come here” Mina commanded and I walked over to her. Niall got up to join Harry in the kitchen and they talked.

“Did he tell you what he asked me?” she said in a strange tone I couldn’t read.

“No? what was it” I said back confused.

“He asked me how it was” she said emphasizing on the word it.

“What do you mean” I honestly had no clue what she was talking about and she grabbed my arm and pulled me back upstairs.

“He asked how sex with Niall was even though he didn’t do it” she said back louder than how she was talking before.

“Oh that’s weird” I said and scrunched my eyebrows together.

“So being the smartass I am I asked him about you two love birds” she said back.

“Oh god Mina” was the only thing I could think of saying.

“We could hear you guys” she said and my face instantly flushed pink and I knew I looked so embarrassed because I felt extremely embarrassed. “So obviously I asked if you guys did it and he said no but us being best friends I think you should tell me what really happened” she paused “oh and he said – never mind” she shook her head.

“Uhm okay but can I tell you once they leave cause I feel like that’d be awkward so I’ll tell you later” and she nodded her head saying ok.

“Mina?” I heard Niall’s voice curious for where she was.

“I’m in Julie’s room!” she shouted back and I heard footsteps come into the room and they started becoming quicker until I saw Niall run up and tackle Mina onto my bed.

“Woah there my bed go use the guest one” I said jokingly which made them both crack up hysterically “Thank you I’ll be here all week” I continued and took a bow and walked over to my dresser and unplugged my phone I had a text from Zayn: ‘Morning Julie, sorry for walking out so quickly I wasn’t feeling too well and Perrie got back from tour and said she needed to talk to me’ it read and I replied back ‘oh that’s alright, what did Perrie have to say?’ a few minutes later I got a reply saying ‘she told me she cheated on me and we broke up…’ I was shocked and my hand went up and covered my mouth

“What?” both Niall and Mina asked in unison.

“Zayn and Perrie broke up!” I told them. They were in as much shock as I was; they seemed so happy together and so drama free. Moments later Harry walked in and asked the same question “Zayn and Perrie broke up” I told him

“What!” he exclaimed “how?”

“She cheated on him and he ended it” he looked to Niall and the both of them walked out.

“I think they’re gonna go over to Zayn’s he was like head over heels for her” and I was right Harry told me him and Niall were leaving and went to Zayn’s place. Harry kissed me goodbye and quickly went out the door.

“I hope Zayn’s ok” I said truthfully to Mina.

“Yeah me too” I texted Zayn telling him I was going to stop by his house tomorrow to see how he was doing and all and he seemed happy with that.

Changing the subject Mina brought back what we were speaking of before. “So about you and Harry” she said quietly.

“Well I decided to have fun and tease him a bit at first because he wanted me to wear his shirt, which didn’t happen until today and then yeah.”

“No not yeah that’s how it started I’m talking about why the hell was he moaning”

I started laughing “that’s because he kind of got a little tense down there and I lightly, I mean like skimmed, it and he well let out that reaction.”

“Holy crap Julie I didn’t know you had that much of an effect on him” she said shocked.

“Ha me neither”.

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