Things will get better in time.

A girl with a tough time on her hands finally cracks down how to annoy the bullies back and forget about them completely!


1. The beginning

She used to be a really happy and energy full girl but then she started getting a load of abuse and that thrown at her for her weight and appearance. It was a really tough time in her life for her! ||The pain was so hurtful she couldn't bear it no longer. She had to tell someone so she told her most trusted teacher and she helped her and said a lot of encouraging things to her but then she started to inter fear and said that she would have to talk to the main person doing this so that's what her teacher did. At first it was going well but then it all started to turn on her it's was pathetic to be fair but haters are gonna hate aren't they. But then she met someone called Eleanor she really helped her through a tough time and at first she felt as if she was taking advantage or Eleanor so she stopped talking to her for abit but then they were talking again they have been best friends ever since. But the bullying didn't stop there yes having a friend around was possibly the best thing ever but it wasn't enough to help her through! And her sister and her mates had also been bullied abit so they gave her some really good advice.
     She took on this advice and she leant not to listen to then, not to look like she is bothered or just politely smile at them because it really annoys them. And here is some advice from her...
1. Smile ling back at them really gets them annoyed use that.
2. If you ignore them they will get tired and stop
3.  I know it's really hard at first to do all of this and to have courage to go to someone about it but it is worth it in the end, it wont stop eventually like i give up with doing this along time ago but don't give up because i have found out in the long run it was all worth it.
Here are a few encouraging quotes....
'The nicest eyes come from the ones that have cried the most. The kindest hearts come from the ones who have been hurt the most. Th cutest smile comes from the ones who have been hiding their feelings..<3' 
'You skin is not paper, don't cut it. Your face is not a mask, don't hide it. Your life isnt a film, don't end it' 

I hope this really helped you and remember i have lived through this so you don't have to, Good Luck! :) 

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