The Wonderful Book Of Imagines

10 words.
Five Guise
Short Stories
Made By Meh!
Love Yoo Guise


6. Zayn Imagine #1

"Babe" Zayn nudges you as you sleep. "Baaaabe, you awake?"

"I am now" you grunt as you leave the bedroom and head straight to the bathroom. Zayn had been up to something and it had been bugging you all week. That and the fact your hormones were all over the place because of the beast living inside you. You've been pregnant for four months now, and the fact that you already had to be looking after a child was hard enough, but to add another?! Pure torture you thought.

"Hey Babe" Zayn nudged you again lightly. You turn to look at him and find him in a nicely fitting tuxedo. Trying not to check him out you avert your gaze to the wall behind him. " Look, Y|N I have something to tell you." he says looking down at his feet. He looks back up at you but this time you notice he got down on one knee. He's not going to propose is he? 

Instead of seeing him take a ring out of his pocket, you see him tie his shoe lace. He stood back up and grabbed you by the hand. "Come on Y|N, we have dinner plans and we'll be late if you just stand there being pregnant." he said as he rushed you to the bedroom to get changed. Your confused. Wasn't he going to propose? You call him back in the room. "Yes?" he asks innocently. "What did you need to tell me earlier?" You asked eyeing him up and down. "That.. that I lost the promise ring you gave me two weeks ago, and I planned on making it up to you with dinner and a movie. PLEASE DON'T KILL ME!" He yells as he runs away. You chuckle, then realise he's serious. "Hey!"

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