The Wonderful Book Of Imagines

10 words.
Five Guise
Short Stories
Made By Meh!
Love Yoo Guise


7. Neilz Diary

*Neilz Diary is in no way meant to offend anyone just to make you laugh a bit, no hate thanks :)*

Dear Diry,

so basicaly zen tiyd me 2 a tree. 4 no reazun. 

whut da hell zen? y?

did i tuch u? no. so y r yhu tyin me up 2 fings.

i told yhu t stahp

but den yhu gave me food and i woz hapy.

de food iz dun now zen

cum bak and untye me zen

or elz i will mek all da mixaz give bak dere Saloot albumz

yhu dont want dat do yhu zen?


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