The Wonderful Book Of Imagines

10 words.
Five Guise
Short Stories
Made By Meh!
Love Yoo Guise


5. Louis Imagine #1

Louis began running down the street after you through a large crowd.

"Wait!" he cried. "At least let me get your name"

"No!" you yell back "I'm not worth the trouble"

Louis soon catches up to you and says

"Not worth the trouble? If you wern't worth the trouble why would I be so intent on knowing more about you?"

"Because, that what every guy wants, to know more about me, and use me and hate me. After knowing who I am you'll wish you never were alive, or that you never ever saw me" you reply

"No, I wouldn't, I promise you I wouldn't. I'd love you with all my heart." he says

"Oh, really? How can I be so sure?" you ask.

Suddenly he leans in and meets your lips.

"Does this fix anything? Does this make you believe me?" 

"Yes." you reply with a huge grin.

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