The Wonderful Book Of Imagines

10 words.
Five Guise
Short Stories
Made By Meh!
Love Yoo Guise


3. Harry Imagine #1

Imagine | You are invited to your bestfriend Louis' New Years Eve party, and you come with a bunch of your girls. When suddenly, you bump into a curly-haired brunette. At first your fuming, he just tipped mac 'n' cheese all over your designer top, but as you look up you meet his brightly shining green orbs.

"Sorry, I'm such a clutz." he says really embarressed. He fishes something out his back pocket. "Here, take it. There's about £175 here buy yourself a gorgeous outfit, my treat." Wow, that's brilliant! You thank him then lead him to one of the spare bedrooms, he deserves more than a 'Thank You'...

(A|N) These imagines sort of inspire me, I have about 2-3 written up, I was just wondering if you wanted me to turn the imagines into fanfics instead, just a random thought nothing major don't worry, it's just that my cousin has been bugging me to get the news out there! so thats what I did, dunno what you think but please leave a comment, like, favourite or become a fan.

Love yoo my Rihtards xx <3

Rihanne xx

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