Just Another Love Story

Sometimes it can be hard to be in a relationship with a famous guy. When Harry comes back into Amy's life after leaving her high and dry after thier love affair, she is torn between her own dreams and her love for Harry. She realizes that having the best of both worlds is not always so great and soon she can no longer live a normal life, without being in the shadows of Harry and his world famous band. Soon after giving Harry a second chance she learns all about the ups and downs that comes with living life in the fast lane. She has to sacrifice many things to keep the love alive, and in the end, will it all be worth it?


3. Chapter 3


As we walk outside I feel Harry putting his hand on my back just below my waist. I am not sure if it is just a reflex, but I quickly remove it with shaking hands. “Harry why are you here?” I look right into his eyes and hope that he gets that I am not in the mood for playing around. “I have travelled all this way and this is the welcome I get?” he says with a mischievous smile “Well honestly, I’ve just really missed you babe and I thought I could come for a short visit.” I let out a little laugh and instantly regret it. He is of course trying to pretend like everything is fine and nothing has changed. “Harry, I’m really not in the mood for a big love declaration I know isn’t true. So let me ask you again: Why are you really here?” I can see that his face turns serious and I know I got my message across. “Amy look, I’m really sorry about everything. I know this is not what you signed up for back at the club the first night we met, but it hasn’t exactly been easy for me either. I didn’t plan for any of this to happen, and I kept avoiding taking this trip and one day it just seemed like it was too late. I thought letting you go was the right thing to do, but it is harder than I thought it was going to be. I just hope you can give me a chance to make it up to you.” I feel the tears filling up my eyes, but I will not cry. Not here, not now. “Harry I gave you every opportunity to make it up to me. I called you several times, I texted you, I even spoke to Louis, but none of it helped. You left me out of nowhere and I haven’t heard from you for 2 months! And then out of the blue you show up at my school and think everything is going to be okay if you say sorry? Did you really think that was going to be enough?” I cannot keep the tears in line and I feel them running slowly and silently down my cheeks. Harry steps closer and wipe the tears away from my eyes as put his hands around me and pull me in for a hug. When our bodies meet I cannot hold it in anymore and the tears starts rolling uncontrollably down my cheeks, landing on Harry’s sweater. I cannot lie and say I haven’t missed him, because I have; very much so. Suddenly all the feelings that I’ve kept inside of me for the past couple of months are coming out in a stream of tears. Harry is holding me tight and no matter how much he have hurt me, I still feel safe in his arms. “I never meant for any of this to happen and you know that.” “But it happened, Harry, and that’s the problem. It happened weather you like it or not, it happened.” I feel a sudden rage rushing trough me and I loosen myself from his grip. I wipe away the tears from my cheeks, ashamed that I let him see me like this. “Harry I fell for you thinking we might have a chance if we wanted it to work. I thought we both wanted it to work, so when you said the press was on to us, I was certain you wanted to go public. That night, when I was waiting on you I believed in us, but then you never showed and I had no clue about what was going on. You left me with no reason, no goodbye, nothing! Do you know how hard that is?” There is no way I can control my feelings anymore. My hands are shaking, my eyes are filled with tears and my voice is barely understandable. But I have to know why he left me and I have to tell him how I feel. If I don’t do it now it will be too late. I stand across from him, my back against the wall. I am afraid, that if I do not stand leaned against the wall my body will collapse underneath me without warning.  “You broke my heart.” My voice is only a whisper and I suddenly feel the cold ground underneath me touching the palms of my hand. I am sitting on the ground, tears rolling silently down my cheeks, wishing Harry did not have to see my like this. He is a wonderful person and when someone around him is sad or crying he is always trying his best to make them feel better.  Usually he generously cares, but I am afraid he is going to pity me, which is the last thing I need right now.  To my surprise Harry neither pity me nor help me up from the ground. Instead he looks at me with frustration in his eyes. When he speaks his voice is loud and clear. “I was trying to protect you. I know how awful the press can be. I know what kind of pressure they put on you. I’ve seen what it does to relationships and didn’t want that to happen to us. I didn’t want to see you break down, because of my carrier, so I made the hardest decision yet; I chose to leave you, thinking you would forget the whole thing and move on.” As he speaks I look at him with confusion. I am surprised with his sudden, very serious, justification of why he left and yet I am furious that he would leave me for that same reason. “I figured that if I was gone all the pressure from the press would be taking away and you would find another guy who would take care of you. I never indented to hurt you. And I never realized that leaving you would hurt so much. Every minute of every hour of every day I thought of you. I thought of what you might be doing, who you might be with and if you were doing okay. It has been the longest 2 months I’ve experienced in a long time and today, seeing you again, I realize that I can’t leave without knowing you’ll still be mine. I don’t want to live without you, even if that means fighting of the press. Amy I love you and I want you to know that I sincerely mean that. I really do love you.” As he speaks I get back on my feet. Still shaking I wipe my eyes and rest against the wall. I’m stunned and have no words left. Harry senses my missing capability to speak and pushes me harder against the wall. He places one hand just beside my head, the other on my hip. As he leans in closer I feel his warm breathe on my neck. I look into his green eyes and then I know he is telling the truth. By the way he looks at me I can see he really does love me. Harry Styles loves me. He gives me a cheeky smile, as if he could read my mind, before our lips meet. He presses his body closer to mine as his hand move slowly towards my cheek. I pause for a moment, slightly out of breathe and whisper softly: “I love you too, Harry Styles.” Harry smiles at me as our lips meet again and this time I’m all in. I know I might regret this later and I know that I’m still hurt by the way Harry handled things, but I’ve missed him so much and feeling his lips against mine brings back all the feelings I kept to myself for too long. I feel Harry pushing me harder against the wall as the kiss develops. I place my hands in his big curly hair as his hand is resting on my hip, playing with my T-shirt. His hand slowly moves up under my shirt and starts to rub my back gently. His bare hand against my naked skin makes my whole body quiver and for a short moment I forget where we are. After a second I come to my senses and place one hand on Harry’s chest to push him gently away from me. “Harry, not here.” He gives me a quick smile before taking a small step away from me. “You’re right. I just got a little carried away by my happiness and excitement.” This time I let out a little laugh, before looking into his bright green eyes. “Harry we still have a lot to talk about, and you still hurt me badly, but I’m glad you’re here an-“ Before I can finish my sentences I feel his lips pressed against mine, once again. Only this time it’s a gentle kiss and as Harry pull away from me he carefully takes my chin in his hand, forcing me to face him. “Amy, I know I have to prove that I’m here for good and I know I don’t deserve a second chance, but I really hope you’ll let me make it up to you.” He looks intensely at me and when he finally lets go of my chin I give him a quick kiss before wrapping my arms around him and pulling him into a tight hug. As his arms find their way around me I whisper, just loud enough for him to hear, “I’ve missed you, Harry Styles.” He gives me a quick squeezed and I know that I’ve got my Harry back for good. 

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