Just Another Love Story

Sometimes it can be hard to be in a relationship with a famous guy. When Harry comes back into Amy's life after leaving her high and dry after thier love affair, she is torn between her own dreams and her love for Harry. She realizes that having the best of both worlds is not always so great and soon she can no longer live a normal life, without being in the shadows of Harry and his world famous band. Soon after giving Harry a second chance she learns all about the ups and downs that comes with living life in the fast lane. She has to sacrifice many things to keep the love alive, and in the end, will it all be worth it?


2. Chapter 2


I clearly remember our first fight. Looking back it was rather silly and today I just laugh when thinking about it, but either way it had great importance to our future relationship. It was one of the first times where I actually thought to myself: “I think I am falling in love with this guy.” And it was not just because of his status as famous pop star, but because of his generous personality. But on the flip side, if we had not made up after that fight our relationship might have been much shorter than it ended up being.

It was about a month after we had first meet and I had just come back to London. It was my third time in London and when I had not been in London we had talked on the phone. I remember being so hyped and excited about seeing him again. My sister had driven me to the airport and on the way there I had told her how much I liked him and that if I got the chance I would move to London to be with him. Of course I was not serious about moving right away, but if Harry and I got into a serious relationship I would have moved. It was my clumsy way of telling my sister that I was falling in love with the Harry Styles. In a way I was also trying to make sense of my feelings and realized that it was not just a flirt, but a potential love affair with a guy that was going to treat me with love and respect; a love affair with a guy from a world famous boy band. We had planned that he would pick me up at the airport, in a very discrete manner, and take me back to his place. As I walked through the airport in London I felt my heart skipping several beats and my palms were getting sweaty. I was really excited and right then and there I thought to myself: “I’m in love!” I got out to the arrivals and saw that he was not there. I waited around for about 30 minutes, thinking he was just stuck in traffic or had to escape from some girls casing him. It was not the first time I had to wait for him to get there. But this time it seemed like something was not right and when I called him it was not his distinctive voice that answered the phone. “Hi, this is Harry’s phone, Louis speaking. How may I help you?”  I was chocked. Harry had not introduced me to any of the band members, but being a fan I knew exactly who they all were. I had promised to keep a low profile about our relationship and since I had no idea if this included his band mates or not I had no idea what to say. “Hi.. uhm.. This is.. I’m sorry.. Did you mean Harry Styles’ phone?” My voice was just above a whisper. “Yeah I meant Harry Styles, but he doesn’t like me to say that too loud to strangers. But I guess it’s okay if you’re not a stranger.” I heard him laughing at his own joke. “Do you know him personally? I don’t think I got your name.” His voice was light and cheerful. I had no doubt in my mind that I was talking to Louis and I smiled to myself. “I’m sorry. My name is Amy and yes I do know Harry personally. But if it’s a bad time I can just call later when he has time to talk. I’m sure you don’t have time for this anyways.”  I had tried to talk my way out of it, so that he wouldn’t ask too many questions. But apparently I had not needed too. “Oh, I know who you are! Harry has been talking about you coming for the last couple of days. You’re the girl from Denmark right?” He sounded so cherry when asking, like he knew everything. “Yes, that’s right, I’m from Denmark. But.. Well.. What exactly has Harry told you?” I did not quite know what to except, but I knew I had to be on the safe side. “Oh don’t worry sweetheart. I know he told you to keep a low profile, but I know the whole story. And the other lads know, well let’s just say they know part of the story. He’s excited about you coming, let me tell you. He told me he would introduce us all when you get here. I hope you’re not calling to cancel, are you?” This caught me totally by surprise. “No I’m actually calling from the airport. He was supposed to pick me up about an hour ago. Do you have any idea why he’s not here yet?” Suddenly the other line went completely silent. “I’m sorry Amy; did you say that you’re at the airport right now? I’m sure Harry said that you wouldn’t be here until tomorrow.” My heart started to beat faster than what’s healthy. Had the boy I had just admitted to be falling in love with had forgotten all about me in a matter of 24 hours? I had spoken to him the night before, telling him all my flight details and he had instantly forgotten it. It did not seem like something he would do, so there better be a really good explanation for his absence! “Yes I’m at the airport right in this moment as we speak and I told Harry just last night that I would be in London today.” My tone of voice was certainly not a whisper anymore. I heard some weird noises and a large amount of whisper before Louis said to me in a certainly colder voice than just a second ago “I’ll be there in an hour.”

One hour later, two hours after I had landed, Louis came to the airport to pick me up as he had promised. It was a strange first meeting, because I felt like he knew more than enough about me and I obvious knew more than enough about him. He found me sitting on a bench just outside arrivals reading my book looking very frustrated. He simply introduced himself, grabbed my bags and drove me to the city, where he dropped me of at Harry’s flat. Not many words was exchanged on that drive, but even so, it seemed like we both knew that something was not right, which only made me more frustrated. Another hour passed and finally I heard the keys unlocking the door. I watched as Harry walked through the entrees into the living room where I was sitting watching some old movie for the 100th time. I remember the feeling I got when he appeared in the door. His eyes were greener than ever and he smiled his cheeky little smile that made me blush instantly. His warn out black jeans were hanging low on his hips, he was wearing a loose plain white t-shirt and with his hair being that big curly mess it is he looked simply hot. He was so attractive I almost forgot the many hours he had kept me waiting. It took a great amount of determination and willingness not just to forgive and forget, but I hid my smile, looked seriously at him and said as cold as I could: “Oh, now you have time for me?” He looked hurt and I regretted saying it for just a second, before convincing myself I had to take it up now. “Well hallo to you, too, babe. I’m sorry I didn’t make it to the airport, but time was just flying by and I didn’t realize you were supposed to land already. I honestly thought you weren’t flying in until tomorrow.” I looked straight into his eyes, more disappointed than ever. “I told you just yesterday? You promised to pick me up. If I had known I had to wait two hours for somebody to pick me up I would have taken a cap into the city.” My voice softened and I could not keep up the hard tone. I had missed him too much and I was just too happy to be with him, to argue over something so superficial. “I’m really sorry babe. I would have picked you up; I just didn’t have the time. You know how the business works, right? I’m just glad to have you back in London. I’ve missed you.” He walked towards me and before I knew what to do he swept me off the coach and lifted me into his arms. He held me tight as he placed a gentle kiss on my forehead. He sat me back down, pushed me against the wall, held my head in his strong hands and looked straight into my eyes. “I’m so grateful to have meet you.” He tightened his grab around my waist, pushing us closer together as his lips met mine in what seemed like the perfect kiss. I felt my muscles tighten in lust as he moved his hands from my waist up my back parallel with my spine. As I reached for his shirt I picked up a sense I had not noticed in my excitement and lust. I placed my hands on his chest gentling pushing him away from me. “Is something wrong dear?” He said as he caught his breath; I knew he wanted me just as much as I wanted him. “You never told me where you were since you couldn’t pick me up.” The pieces started to fit together. The smell of alcohol on his clothes, the weird noises on the phone, the disappointed Louis picking me up and Harry’s extreme lust for me all added up. “I told you I was caught at work. We had to do some pictures for an upcoming magazine, so I couldn’t just leave.” He leaned closer to kiss me, but I was not satisfied with his answer. “So how come Louis had time to pick me up? And why do you smell like you have been drinking all day? I’m sure you are not during some article about drinking, are you?” My voice had become loud and furious. I pushed him away and walked over to the window. “Louis had already done the pictures I guess. I don’t really know, I thought you had taken a cap or something. How did he know you were here? I must have told him.” Harry looked as confused and desperate as one could be and I just knew. I knew he had been drinking at some bar and Louis had probably been there with him when I had called earlier. Louis thought I was going to arrival the next day, but when he had found out Harry had forgotten about me he had offered to pick me up instead. That explained Louis’ disappointed attitude, the smell and the seductive behavior. “I talked to Louis when I tried to call you from the airport. He answered your phone when you didn’t and offered to pick me up. He seemed pretty upset when he got to the airport and that’s because he knew you were out drinking when I was waiting at the airport, right? You’re too busy drinking to pick me, the person you have missed oh so much. You have plenty of time to sit in some disgusting bar drinking, but it just had to be today. Well guess what, I’m not here for that shit!” I was no longer talking, but screaming at him. I was so pissed off and too disappointed to make any sense of the situation. “It’s not like I beg you to be here, now is it? I never asked for some Danish chick to follow me around. There is plenty of girls’ right here in London that will willingly take your spot!” I realized he was still not completely sober, which of course only made it worse. “If that’s what you really think of me, I will be sure to take the next flight back home!” I was still shouting as a tear rolled down my cheek. “I didn’t mean it like that. Just let me explain. I had agreed to go out for a beer and didn’t think about the time or-” I cut him off before he could say anymore.  “You fucking idiot! You forgot about me! Just say it; please be man enough to at least admit you forgot about me. It’s not like we have been going out for years!” “Exactly! You got that right sweetheart. You don’t own me and I have a right to go out and drink if I want to. I’m a super star for Christ sake! I don’t need somebody like you to tell me what to do!” Now we were both shouting. “Somebody like me, huh? If that’s what you think, then whatever this is,” I pointed at both of us “is now nonexistent. Is that what you want? Because that is exactly what you’re going to get!” I didn’t give him a change to answer before I stormed out of the living room towards his room with tears rolling wild down my cheeks. I slammed the down behind me and threw myself on his bed. I could hear him screaming and coursing in the living room, but I didn’t care. I was too hurt to give a damn about his feelings. I had never felt so hurt and worthless before and I cried myself to sleep that night.

Looking back, it was a somewhat stupid argument, but if none of us had realized that the next morning our relationship could very well had ended right then and there. The fight had made us both aware of the fact that we did come from two different worlds and it would take a lot of commitment to make it work between us. Luckily I woke up the next morning feeling two strong hands wrapping themselves around my waist. Then I heard Harry’s distinctive, deep voice whisper into my ear: “I’m so, so sorry about the whole thing. I was an idiot and I didn’t mean any of the things I said.” His morning voice is one of the sexist things I have ever heard. “You really hurt me.” I was not quite ready to let it go. “The reason I said all those things is because I’m falling for you. I have never had these kinds of feelings for anyone before, ever in my life, so I got scared. Scared of messing it all up, sacred of losing you, sacred of getting hurt, but I realize nothing scares me more than letting you go. You are the best thing that ever happened to me, I was a fool who couldn’t see it.”  I could not stay mad at him; because I knew he was speaking the truth. Besides, he had not been the only one fighting; I had been part of it too. I rolled around so that I faced him and looked straight into his lovely green eyes. “I know you didn’t mean it and I’m sorry too.” I smiled and he pulled me closer and placed a kiss on my lips. It was a tender, passionately kiss and under his breath I heard the words quietly leave his lips: “I love you.” Then it was my turn to pull him closer and kiss him even harder. After a long make out session I finally lifted my heard away from his and said in a solid voice: “I love you too dear.”  He smiled at me and suddenly began laughing. “Why are you laughing? This is actually serious.” I could not help but to laugh too. His laugh is the cutest thing and it is so contagious. He finally stopped and stared at me with a huge smile and I felt my cheeks turning red as I started to blush. “You know we just had our first fight and make up session.” He stated laughing again as he reached for his phone. “This is a very special moment and we have to document it, so smile big.” He leaned in closer to me and took a picture of us. I was not ready for a picture and we both looked tired, but we were also smiling like we had never been happier. He put it as his wallpaper on his phone and I still have it on my phone today. He had been right about documenting that moment, because it really was close to perfect. It had seemed so easy to make up and we had promised each other to never go to bed angry again. And we never had since, even if that meant we had to stay awake until 3 am, sorting it all out. I guess the situation was a bit different back then and the core of the argument had been rather silly, but either way it was our first fight. This time I’m afraid it will not be as simple as back then. Now we are both truly hurt and I have no idea why Harry has shown up today. I just really hope that I do not have to wonder anymore, no matter what happens. 

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