Just Another Love Story

Sometimes it can be hard to be in a relationship with a famous guy. When Harry comes back into Amy's life after leaving her high and dry after thier love affair, she is torn between her own dreams and her love for Harry. She realizes that having the best of both worlds is not always so great and soon she can no longer live a normal life, without being in the shadows of Harry and his world famous band. Soon after giving Harry a second chance she learns all about the ups and downs that comes with living life in the fast lane. She has to sacrifice many things to keep the love alive, and in the end, will it all be worth it?


1. Chapter 1


”Amy, what have you written for number two?” Caroline pokes my arm, as I realize I must have been drifting off. I just can’t help myself. I thought I was moving on and the first few weeks everything was going good, but after watching the interview Amanda showed me I can’t seem to get those green eyes out of my head. “Oh.. well I haven’t really gotten that far yet, number one is a little tricky.” I try to avoid the question I know Caroline is about to ask. “Amy it’s history, not science. Besides, you’ve been looking at the paper for the last 10 minutes without writing anything. Are you sure you’re okay?” And I have failed. I know exactly what she’s talking about, but I’m not really in the mood to hear one of her lectors about how I need to move on, because she don’t know how I feel. “Well, I’m just a little tired and I didn’t read all of what we were supposed to read. But other than that I feel pretty good.” I try, and fake a smile, which I’ve become very good at lately. “You know I’m not talking about history here.” She says in a teasing way. “Compared to you I would love to learn more about Hitler, so let’s just focus on him for a minute.” I say it a bit harsher than I meant to, but I think she got my hint. She looks at me with an understanding smile and quickly says, “well okay, I’ll just ask Amanda” where after she turns away from me and starts talking to Amanda. I’m relieved that she didn’t take it further. I love Caroline and she really is my best friend. We understand each other so well and she knows exactly what I’m saying when on one else does. But when it comes to the green eyed boy she wouldn’t get it. Mostly because I haven’t told her the full story, but also because, well let’s just say we look at fame in different ways. I have told her the whole story about how we met 6 months ago, when I was in London with my sister. We had gone out one night to celebrate my 18 birthday. Apparently the club we went to was a very popular club and many celebrities come there. My sister and I, unaware of this fact, started to drink and get out on the packed dance floor. It was quite overwhelming, as there were people everywhere and we all had to dance extremely close. But when you’re kind of drunk this doesn’t really matter much. So anyway, when my sister went to the bathroom I accidently bumped into this really cute guy! He had the most gorgeous green eyes and he had cute brown curls surrounding his face. I think I feel in love right then and there, well at least for a while. First we were just dancing, then we went to the bar to get a drink and before I knew it I was headed home with my sister and a lunch date the next day. I most have been really drunk, because it wasn’t until the next day, at the restaurant I realized that the green eyed boy, who said his name was Edward was in fact Harry Edward Styles. I was on a date with a boy from the hottest boy bad EVER! I had danced with him and hadn’t even realized it. After I got over my chock prior to finding out he was in fact famous, we spend a couple of days together in London. I started to really liking him, and not only because he was famous, but because he was himself in every way possible. He showed me London, we talked about literally everything and he even met my sister. She is the only one who really knows that my summer flirt was in fact with Harry Styles. We stayed in touch for several months. I would come to London and he actually came to Denmark once. We had been pretty good at keeping a low profile, but the paparazzi’s started to see a connection between the two of us, so we had to make a decision about going public, if we wanted to continue seeing each other. I know Harry was afraid the press would turn our secret relationship into something ugly, so the choices were clear: either we would go public or we would cut all contact. I feel really stupid, now that I think back, but I really thought we were on the same page, but I guess not. Of course I wanted to go public, so we could continue to see each other and so that he could actually become a “real” part of my life. But apparently he didn’t agree, because one day he just cut all contact and I have not heard from him for almost 2 months.

I suddenly realize I must have dozed off again, because Caroline pushes my shoulder, so I’m about fall of my chair. “You know, at some point you just have to let it go!” She looks at me with an almost too kind smile. “I know he might be really great, but you haven’t heard from him in 2 months and he lives in England, which doesn’t really make it easier for you two to be together.” She is so right, but then again, she doesn’t know the truth. “Look Caroline, I really appreciate you concern, but there is a little detail I forgot to tell you. Well I guess I didn’t really forgot, I just dint mention it.” She looks at me with a very confused expression and a little nervous smile on her face. “Wait, are you about to tell me you didn’t have a summer flirt or is he just not some exciting English boy?” I start to laugh. She has no idea what I’m about to tell her! “Well there really was a flirt, he really is English, but I didn’t really tell you the truth about who he is. You see he’s actually…” I do not get the chance to say more, before I feel I a hand on my thigh and I look up to see an expression of disbelief on Caroline’s face. Somebody must have knock on the door and when I look to see who is about to enter the classroom my heart stops. Now Caroline is not the only one looking at the person who knocked, in disbelief. I feel Caroline’s eyes resting on me, but I can’t move. My hand slams down on top of Caroline’s, and I hope she gets the hint. After a minute or two I’m finally able to move. I realize that the whole class is silent and everybody is looking at the person now talking to my teacher. My teacher suddenly looks at me from the doorway “Amy, there is someone here who needs to talk to you.” Now everybody is staring at me and my month suddenly feels very dry. Slowly I get on my shaking feet and move, what seems like in slow motion, towards the door. My mind is completely blank and all I hear is Caroline’s voice behind me “Is that him?!” I want to tell her yes, but all I can do is look right into those green eyes and hope I do not fall on my way across the classroom. I can’t believe that the person who knocked on the door just a few minutes ago is actually Harry Styles. As I reach the door to the classroom, where he is standing, my eyes quickly turns to the floor. Even though I am touched that he is here and all I want to do is throw myself in his arms and make up, I know that it will not happen. He hurt my too bad to just come walking right back into my life and expect me to welcome him with open arms. I think he senses my distance, because he grabs my arm and pull me away from the classroom. “I really need to talk to you babe.” He says it as was it an order and not as a proposal. He quickly looks at me and I sense the presents of his cheeky smile he knows I just love, but his face turns serious again the next second and I know that we are about the have a serious talk, maybe even a fight. I take a deep breath and lead him outside, where we can talk without interruption. 

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