Getting Over You


1. Flunked?

  I tap my red Bic pen on my math textbook furiously as my math teacher Mr.Gonolez passes around our test grades. There's a soft mix of annoyed moans and enthusiastic cheers as they recieve their papaers. I run my hand across my forehead wiping away the sweat. Stop worrying Cara. You studied for four hours with Poppy last night on Skype. It'll be okay.

  Poppy has been my best friend since second grade, when she helped me clean spilled paint off of my brand new red velvet dress. She moved last year back to England, where her parents fell in love. I was devastated when I found out. My mom swears I didn't eat for four days because I locked myself in my bedroom.

  I tap my pen faster as my teacher approaches my desk. If I get one more F in math I have to go to a special tutor after school, and that is not happening. Mr.Gonolez takes the paper from the top of the thick stack of tests in his hands and lays it face down on my desk. I slide my fingers under the edge of the test and peek underneath.

  A smile escapes my mouth and I fold my hands across my flat stomach. A big fat purple A+ is circled on the top of my paper. No tutor for me! As Mr.Gonolez lays the last paper on the desk in front of me the bell rings, signaling that school is over. I crumple up my test and chuck it into the trask can smoothly as I gather my books and shove them into my Vera Bradley messenger bag.

As I stand up someone comes up from behind me and covers my eyes. "Guess who?" the person's voice rings as I turn around. I lean in and kiss the person, giggling. My lips move swiftly across Jake's, as his hands move down to my hips. I pull away slowly, smiling. Jake smiles back, ruffling his hand through my hair. "How was your day babe?" He asks. I smile even wider, excited too tell him about my day.

  Jake has always listened to me. When I'm happy, sad, angry, or bored, Jake has always been there for me. He's always listened. Even when my hamster died last year after living for like seven years, Jake was my shoulder to cry on. That's one of the main reasons why I love  him so much. He's always been there for me, even when I didn't realize it.

  I start to answer him, but he cuts me off. "It sounds like you had an amazing day, but Shelly - You know, my project  partner? She needs a little help. Love you babe!" And he kisses me goodbye before running off to go help stupid Shelly. Where has my trusted Jacob gone?

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