My Bad Boy - Justin Bieber Love Story

Hey guys! I'm from Norway, and I'm 14 years! :)
Been a Belieber since 2009 (:

This is an Justin Bieber story, but Justin is acting like Jason McCann. Justin is kidnapping and raping girls. He is a badass ;) But he doesn't make bomb and stuff. Are you exited? :D


5. Chapter 5.


He said that he got allowed to, so it only remains Andrea. I'll talk to her tomorrow. Following the same routine I fell asleep after a long and strange day.  




"Come on" said Justin flirting and kissing me on the neck. "Justin, it tickles" I said and giggled. "You're beautiful, you know?" he asked, looking me in the eyes. The hazel eyes of his. "Thank you handsome" I said and kissed him. He slowly took off my top.   I woke up abruptly. What was that? I just dreamed about .... Justin. Ugh! I shook off my tank and got dressed. My hair was straightened before, so I just left it like that.  


"Another school day," I said and sighed. Mom went to work before me, it was apparently only on Mondays she went a bit late. "Nicole!" I heard someone shout. I turned to and saw Justin running to me. I was a little nervous because we were the only ones that went on the road right now. Luckily I saw the tip of the school roof here. "What?" I said annoyed. "Why so angry babe?" he asked. "What is your problem Justin?" I asked and looked at him. "Come on, do not be so mad" he said and pulled me closer to him.  

He took his hand under my top and that was enough! I slapped him as hard as I could, but regretted after it. He tightened jaw and his eyes was full of anger. "Don't touch me again! Understand!?" he shouted, and slapped me. I felt the tears coming. "You bastard" I muttered and walked past him. He took my hand and said, "Don't tell anyone" and hinted to my cheek. "Can't promise" I said bitchy and walked. I turned to see if he came, but he just stood there. His facial expression was not easy to read, but it was the mixture of shock and anger.


What will happen? 
Sorry for late upgrade!  




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