My Bad Boy - Justin Bieber Love Story

Hey guys! I'm from Norway, and I'm 14 years! :)
Been a Belieber since 2009 (:

This is an Justin Bieber story, but Justin is acting like Jason McCann. Justin is kidnapping and raping girls. He is a badass ;) But he doesn't make bomb and stuff. Are you exited? :D


4. Chapter 4 - Long one


"What the fuck?" I said angry and pushed him away from me. He grabbed my shoulders and pushed me hard against the wall. "Don't fucking talk to me like that, bitch" he spat in my face. "Ey Justin! Don't touch her!" Alex shouted and pushed Justin. I noticed that Justin jaw tightened and held me even harder. "Alex, you don't hav-" I said but stopped when Justin hit him in the face.


"Alex!" I shouted and sat down on my knees. "Your psycho asshole!" I said and helped Alex up. "It's okay Nicole" he said, touching his nose. He was bleeding . Justin grabbed my arm and his eyes were even darker. "Stay away from me, okay?" He said. "Can't promise anything" I said and smiled a fake. "You should listen to me, or else it won't be a pretty sigh" he said and pushed me to Alex. We were in a corner, so I'm sure no one saw this. "And Alex" Justin said and gave a glance to Alex. "Yeah I know" Alex muttered. "Good" Justin replied and went back to the gang.

"What was that?" I asked confused. "Nothing" he said quickly and went into the male toilet. Surely to wipe the blood. "Hi!" I jumped and saw a cute girl smile at me. "Hello," I said and smiled. "Are you the new girl?" she asked. "It's me, yes," I said and laughed. "Well, I'm Andrea" she said and hugged me. "Sorry, I'm a hugger" she said, embarrassed. "Aww,you are cute! It's okay" I said, and giggled. I looked at Juatin and he looked at me. Alex came out and I turned to him. "Hey Andrea" he said and hugged her. "Hello," she said, and was totally weird. Aww, so cute she is. "I have class now, goodbye!" she said and gave a quick hug to both of us.

"She likes you" I said and looked at Alex. "Does she?" he asked confused. "Yes, ask her out then" I said and walked into the classroom. "Hmm .. yeah. I'll think about it" he said and sat down. The hour was as usual boring and I couldn't to go home. In the class, I felt that someone was staring at me. Don't be so paranoid Nicole! I worked with the tasks that the teacher asked us to do instead of thinking about that.   

*Bell ringing* "Finally!" I shouted and most people in the class started laughing. "Pack your things, then you can go home" the teacher said annoyed. I packed quickly, and so did Alex too. We went completely silent to the lokers and put in our books and said goodbye to various people. "We have to do something together someday" he said sweetly. "Yeaaa! We can have a "girl night". With Andrea too!" I said happy. "Uhh .. but not to girly?" he said scared. "Alright" I said and patted him on the cheeks.

"But i must go, goodbye!" I said and hugged him. "Bye". "No! Please let meg go!" I heard a girl voice shout. Wtf ..? I started to walk where the sounds came from, and saw a girl and ... and Justin!? "When I say were going to have sex, we have it! Alright!?" I heard him shout to the girl. "Please," she said begging when he started to take off her top. I-I just couldn't just look at him doing this! "Justin! STOP!" I shouted and  pushed him away from the girl. "What the hell are you doing here?" he shouted, and took out a knife.

"What are you doing?" I asked a little scared. "Are you scared of me babe?" he grinned and came closer straight into my face. "N-no!" I said. "I think you are" he whispered, and I felt something cold hit my neck. It was the knife. "Stop" I said, and went away from him. The girl had run away, so she wasn't here. "Ey ey ey, where do you think you're going?" he asked and stopped me. "Away from you" I said. Luckily he didn't follow me.

"Home!" I yelled and took off my shoes. No answer. Mom is at work. I went into my room and surfed around on my MacBook. I went to Facebook and had 19 friend requests. Most were from the school, so I accepted them. Alex was on, so I chatted a bit with him.   Nicole: "Heey <3" Alex: "Helloo <3" Nicole: "Whatsup? I'm so bored :( " Alex: "Nothing, me too :( " Nicole: "So...You were telling me about Justin in the class?" Alex: "I want to tell you facet2face, bye <3" Nicole: "Yeah okay, Bye :* "   Since he didn't want to tell me in chat, it was probably something serious. But I think I've figured out how he is. He is rude, violent and dangerous. I should really stay away from him, but there is something mysterious about him that makes me curious.  

--- After two hours

"Honey, I'm home!" I heard my mom shout. "I'm hungry" I said and sat down in the kitchen chairs. "I'm going to cook now, go watch TV or something meanwhile" she said and began cooking. I went to the living room got a satisfied smile. I loved the living-room! Wow!

Mom had made spaghetti  my favorite food! Yummm! "I'm going to go to bed" I said and got up. "Besides, Mom? Can I bring 2 friends home on Friday we will have overnight?" I asked the sweetest I could. "Have you got friends already, that's so great! Yeah of course you can" she said. "Thanks Mom, You are the best" I said and hugged her. I ran up to my room to sent a message to Alex that I was allowed. He said that he got allowed to, so it only remains Andrea. I'll talk to her tomorrow. Following the same routine I fell asleep after a long and strange day.  


I'm so sorry for late update, but I'm back! :D

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